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Enhancing Your Amazon Streaming Experience

When you think of streaming, you probably think of Netflix, Hulu, Twitch—the titans of streaming and live streaming. However, Amazon lies somewhere between those titans.  Most, if not all of you reading this probably use Amazon streaming in some way, whether you’re using Prime Video, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, or the Fire TV Cube. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in how you can improve your experience. Well, look no further!  5 Tips to Enhance Your Streaming Experience 1. Customize Subtitles You might not be aware of how you can customize the subtitles of any movie or show you watch. Simply go to the settings of your Fire Stick or the Prime Video settings, and you’ll be bombarded with tons of options to improve the subtitles. Add backgrounds, change the color of the words, decide where they show up: you have complete control over the subtitles. 2. Use USB Storage A big selling point for the Fire TV product line is that you’re able to take your shows and movies anywh

My 5 Skin Must Dos for the Summer

Ah, the summer. It's been one unique year if I do say so myself. Yet, I'm trying to do my best to keep up with some essential skincare habits. While all of these tips may sound absolutely simple, with as mentally as exhausted as I am lately, it can be incredibly difficult. You see, I have sensitive skin and it can react from anything like dryness to food sensitivities, and so I want to take care this year, especially with how stressful things are. So, here are my summer must-dos: 1) Moisturize . There are a ton of ways to keep your skin supple and smooth and moisturizing should be on the top of everyone's list. Lately, I use a rose lotion that's really nice. I also alternate to an aloe lotion that makes my skin feel really nice. 2) Exfoliating. I've started doing this at least once a week. Technically you shouldn't do this too often because it can damage your skin, so once a week or less is best of all. I use a coffee scrub by Shea Moisture  - and it is

Giveaway Round Up for the Week

It's been a while since I did a giveaway round up for you guys! So, here we have some of my giveaway finds for the week. Feel free to leave a comment and let me know what giveaways you spot. It's pretty safe to assume most of these giveaways are US only.  Earrings and a 5-Pack Latte Set Enter on Instagram. Giveway ends on Monday 7/13 Summer Thrillers Book Giveaway Ends August 3rd Murder in Waiting Book Giveaway Giveaway ends July 18th Digital copy of a book with a Christmas mystery theme Ends in 5 days Win a BBQ Pit  Enter on Facebook Ends July 20th Hope to hav

3 Fun Birthday Gift Ideas to Send Someone Far Apart

This is a pretty awkward time of year to have a birthday. COVID-19 continues to be on the rise, and while many places are opening up, it's hard to determine when that will change. Not to mention, many of us aren't that comfortable venturing out into society again, at least not like we used to. So if you know someone with a birthday coming up, and especially if you are far apart, I have a few ideas for you that you will want to consider.  1) Go the electronics route. If you have some money to spend this year, how about giving the latest and greatest in tech? Consider getting a Nintendo Switch , which so many people are really into these days. (Animal Crossing anyone?).  2) A Subscription Box Yup, subscription boxes still exist and are still amazing. What does the person in your life like? Beer? Wine? Letter writing? Books? You name it! Pick a unique love of this person and seek out a subscription box that fits that need. You'd be surprised about the variety out there. (Check