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I Don't Regret Cutting Cable (And Why You Should Cancel Yours)

Over a year ago, I canceled my cable subscription services. Before I canceled, I worried that I would miss out on various stations that I loved watching (like Lifetime or AMC). This kept me in a vicious cycle of paying too much for cable while also battling pricing adjustments made by my cable company. Until finally, I decided to cut the cord. To this day, over one year later, I don't regret canceling cable. First, there are a wide variety of ways to still watch television with options available through streaming devices. For example, things like Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player allows you to watch TV shows, movies, Live TV, and so much more. In fact, it's even voice activated! It also easily connects to HDTVs which is really nice. It connects from your phone to the TV, it's an incredibly seamless process. Find out more information about Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player here. I do have a couple of different subscriptions through streaming services such

Where Do You Keep Your Coffee? My Review of a Coffee Canister

I never really thought about having somewhere to put my coffee. My coffee tends to sit in the bags I purchase them in until I need to use the coffee! I also don't tend to buy as much coffee to need a canister, but I couldn't wait to try this stars and stripes canister made by Coffee Gator. First of all, while this says stars and stripes, it immediately reminded me of Captain America. So this is officially my unofficial Captain America Coffee Canister.  I immediately started out by putting my coffee beans in this! I was hoping that it would bring about a fresher taste and more longlasting quality to the beans. It's still hard to say how it does with keeping beans long-lasting fresh but I do appreciate that I have this. Also, I love that this comes with a little scoop for the coffee beans, I think that's one of my favorite parts. It also has a way for you to keep track of how long your coffee beans have been in this canister. Overall, I think this is perfect for

Type: A. Deodorant - My New, Natural Favorite

It feels a bit embarrassing to share, but I discovered this summer an unrelenting body odor problem. I also was experience a persistent amount of sweating. I kept having to switch deodorants! So, when I had the chance to try out this new kind of deodorant, I couldn't wait to try it out. It's called type: A.  The style of the deodorant wasn't like what I usually see (like the roller kind). It kind of reminded me of a bottle of lotion, but when you open up the bottle, you can see it provides a way for the deodorant itself to go on your skin in a controlled manner (rather than like gushing out like lotion). What I was hoping was for this deodorant to solve my excessive sweating problem. After trying it out for a couple of weeks, I did see that it made a difference. While it didn't take away the problem completely, it did far better for me than most deodorants I was trying. It also didn't make me smell as bad anymore! I especially loved that this is a natural pr