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Does Your Email Get Marked as Spam?

Hey folks! Did you know as a blogger it can be incredibly difficult to avoid ending up in someone's spam folder? I was thinking about this lately. and when it comes to emails I open that aren't personal emails there are a few factors to keep in mind - Personalization. Although not a hard and fast rule, likely if my name is being used I'll open it. Giveaways. The word giveaway always catches my eye, and especially if it's unique to email subscribers. THAT definitely gets me to open it. Coupons. This is another factor that gets me to open up the email, especially if it's a company that I visit and like a lot. As for the emails, I do not open, those are in the majority. Honestly, I love contests and this results in me getting a lot of contests. So, I end up deleting more than I should, but the ones I end up unsubscribing too, are the ones where - * The company sends it too much * It's way too "sales-y." * It's so unbelievably far from my