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You'll Love the Hoboken Farms Pasta Sauce: Review & Giveaway

  I am such a huge fan of pasta! Anytime that is the main course, I'm a happy lady. However, making my own pasta sauce has never really been my thing. I know there are recipes out there. The truth is, though, there are also so many awesome jar sauces that I don't find a need to make my own. Recently, I had the chance to try out the Hoboken Farms pasta sauce. And wow! It's such a good experience. I can't wait to tell you about it. First of all, it has some major plusses right out of the gate: It is NON-GMO. That's a major factor for me, because I don't want genetically modified ingredients in my spaghetti. It's also low sodium and gluten-free. And another major perk, it's vegan! So it already has a lot of factors that make me like it right away. I had the chance to try their Marinara and Basil Marinara. What I love about both of these jars are the ingredients. You won't find anything weird about it. The marinara has just whole tomatoes, olive oil, oni