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Smell Like Summer Time with this Perfume

Summer time is upon us! This may not be my favorite time of year (always too hot in my opinion) but I do love having a new summer scent. When I tried this perfume on, the first response I got was, "Wow you smell like the beach!" Natalie Wood was a famous actress and is still well known for her acting in movies West Side Story, Rebel Without a Cause, and, one of my personal favorites of hers, Splendor in the Grass . She died in 1981 but her influence in our lives through her movies is still felt among fans, new and old. Natasha Gregson Wagner is honoring her late mother through a fragrance called "Natalie." Natalie Wood apparently loved the gardenia scent, which apparently inspired this fragrance. I wanted to try this fragrance first, because I like Natalie Wood, and second, because I love having a new perfume for the summer time and the idea of having a floral summer scent really appeals to me. When I received the sample, not surprisingly, I was greeted with

5 Beautiful Essential Oil Diffusers on Amazon

I really enjoy essential oil diffusers. It can really add to an environment and the scents it provides can relax, inspire and so much more. So I was browsing on Amazon and hunted down some beautiful ones that I wanted to recommend. This comes at the price of $29.99 and I love the image of the stark black tree against the evening sky. Purchase Now  One thing that strikes me the most about this beautiful watch is that you can choose the color of the diffuser and that it is wearable. I love that. Relax on the go? I say yes! Purchase it for $14.99 This one is an extremely eye catching on that works so well as a night light I say. It adds an ambience to your room that is remarkable. Purchase now for $54.99. I love these night style ones, can you tell? This comes at a price of $29.99 and you can also choose many styles from the same company. Purchase now. This one is beautiful and simply designed. I love the shape of this. It almost looks like a tear

Vremi Kitchen & Homeware Product Review

Did you know that you probably need a new set of knives for your kitchen? Nope, I didn't either. So I had the chance to review this great set of knives by this company called Vremi as well as a coffee grinder. First, the knife set. I love the packaging of this product. It's personable, funny, and everything looks so organized. Everything is packaged well. Then when you take a look at the knife, the one thing that jumped out to me is how colorful these are. I love adding colorful items to my kitchen! So another thing I appreciated about these was the cover on each knife. This helps save my fingers when I'm digging around in a silverware drawer. And lastly, these are incredibly sharp. Very sharp. Great for cutting veggies and meats and anything else you need to cut while cooking. The best thing of all is the fact these all come at a reasonable price right now on Amazon of $16.99. If you are looking to add something new to your kitchen, you must check these out ( h

Lugz Shoe Review and Giveaway

Looking for a good pair of shoes? I feel like everyone needs a good pair so I couldn't wait to tell you all about the pair I received to review from Lugz.  Now Lugz offers up shoes for men, women, and kids and has been around since 1993. How about that?  From Hip Hop to Mixed Martial Arts to builds of custom motorcycles have all come forward to promote these shoes. So how cool is that? I received this pair to review - Women's Regent Low . It's a low top sneaker with a canvas top and rubber outsole. These shoes are my new favorite summer walk about shoe. I find that they are really comfortable. It took me a few days of wearing to break them in, but overall, I'm really happy with this footwear. These come at the price of $44.99 and to me that is an excellent price for a pair of shoes. I would recommend going a half a size larger. I'm usually a 9 but got a 9.5 and I'm glad for that.  Overall, if you are looking for a great pair of shoes, I am reall

Giveaway Round Up - Enter These Contests

Alright folks, you asked, you received! I have a list of giveaways for you below. And feel free to leave a comment with one you've found this week and I'd love to share it! Or send me an email at fancythatblogger at  gmail dot com if you know of a giveaway to list. Enter to win four romantic reads. Ends June 6th $200 Colleen Rothschild Gift Card Ends in 5 Days (as of this post) Grill pan giveaway Ends August 5th DavidLoveJanet Hair Cream & full hair care line Ends June 30th Enjoy and let me know if you win!