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My Favorite Brand Organic Italian Tomatoes and Garbanzo Beans (And Giveaway!)

As the fall draws near, I am so excited about trying new recipes. Some of my favorite recipes have a tomato-base to them, whether it's beans, salsa, pasta sauce, or soup. I was so excited to try out garbanzo beans and Italian crushed (and peeled) tomatoes by Carmelina Brands . Plus, I also had the chance to try out their garbanzo beans!  Now, one of the biggest reasons I recommend this brand is that they are Non-GMO verified. This is incredibly important to me when choosing products, especially anything that I eat. If you aren't sure what Non-GMO means, check out the information about what the Non-GMO Project does here .   Not to mention what I also love is on their website they go into incredible detail about their tomato process and their bean process . They are obviously such a trust-worthy company and that means so much to me as a consumer. So, now onto those tomatoes! I loved their Italian crushed and peeled tomatoes. They went so well in the black beans I made and added