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My New Favorite Summer Drink: Plain Spoke Cocktails

Okay, summer has come and gone and we are knee-deep in fall leaves and pumpkin season. However, that doesn't mean the memory of summer-time isn't still in our minds! A few weeks ago, around the tail end of a slightly warm day, I had the chance to try out my new favorite summer drink - Plain Spoke Cocktails.  If you love mixed drinks, but don't like the whole mixing part of things, you'll want to try this. As you can see, I tried three different kinds - Mojito, Moscow Mule, and Bourbon Smash. I have to tell you this was absolutely amazing. Each one tasted like they were freshly shaken by a professional!  My favorite one of them all was Bourbon Smash because it had a tart lemon zing, the fizz of soda, but that little extra something underneath. Actually, they all were like that. Seriously, this is something I really would love to see to come to Oregon. The alcohol content for each drink is 10%, so it's bit stronger than a bottle of beer.  Right now it

Gift Idea: Personalized Jewelry at

Can you believe it's almost the holiday season? As you write down your shopping list, you may want to consider getting personalized jewelry from They have a fantastic collection of jewelry, including necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings. What the great thing about Get Name Necklace is that you can even get personalized photo jewelry! I think that's amazing and very unique. It can be a photography necklace or a photo engraved in silver on the piece of jewelry. When you visit the website, the great thing is you can begin by shopping for a specific person in your life, like shopping for your mom, for a couple, for kids, for pet lovers, for friends, and others. The prices are also really reasonable and a deal is going on right now to save up to 20% off. Also, I really want to point out a few pieces, such as their custom letter rings . These are beautifully designed and would make for a touching, personalized gift this holiday season. One really uni

5 Tips for Getting Your Home Ready for Thanksgiving

All around the United States, preparations are underway for one of the biggest days of the year - Thanksgiving. So, while your recipes may be in order, and your guests have RSVP’d, is your home ready for the holiday? If not, you are not alone and we have for you today 5 tips for getting your home cleaned up for turkey day! 1) Examine the entry way. When you r guests arrive , what is one of the first things they will see? Clutter? Dead plants? Items that should've been donated last year? You, struggling to stuff their coats into an already packed closet? Welcome guests with ease by clearing the entry way of clutter, and make room for coats, purses, and umbrellas. 2) Get your kitchen sparkling. Don't wait for the last minute to clean your kitchen. Make sure you wipe down the visible areas such as cabinets, counters, appliances, and floors, but take special care to wash dishes you will be using to serve food. Also, now is the time for a thorough oven and stove cl

A Virtual Reality Game for Bible Readers!

I have come across only a few Bible video games, but none so cool and innovative as the Solemn XII video game. It's a virtual reality 3D action-adventure Bible game that allows learning and development through role-playing objectives. It's an open-world environment, where you experience educational game challenges, assemble virtual objects (like Noah's Ark!), accomplish mission objectives, and experience biblical narratives first-hand. By the way, this game is meant for an adult audience, 18+ due to the mature appeal. This game's play regions are dedicated to prominent historical people from the Bible such as King David, Moses, and others. You overcome a variety of challenges to advance in the game. Curious to find out more? Check out their website and read their FAQ that answers many questions about the game. And make sure you watch this incredibly cool video about the gameplay: Make sure you also visit their homepage and sign up for their newsl

My Review of Sonoma Farm Gourmet Pasta Sauce, Olive Oil and More

What is about the cooler weather that makes me yearn for pasta? Whether it's plain ole pasta sauce and noodles, or manicotti, or ravioli or lasagna, I could have pasta every night of the week and never get sick of it. I was so excited to try out some of the pasta sauces, as well as olive oils and salsas by Sonoma Farms. I can't wait to tell you about them! What makes Sonoma Farms special is that their ingredients are sourced from local farmers in California and Italy. They also offer incredibly flavorful products that I am certain you will want to purchase yourself. To start out - the pasta sauce! I was so excited to try a wide variety. Here's a few I tried: Garlic Lovers Pasta Sauce Gorgonzola Pasta Sauce Home Style Marinara Pasta Sauce Asiago Pasta Sauce Vodka Pasta Sauce Gravy Marinara Oh. My. Goodness. Does this place know how to make the pasta sauce or what? Each sauce is rich in flavor and taste. Seriously, I even heated some of this pasta sauce up with ma