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Mike's Muffins - Gluten-Free Breakfast Option! [Review and Giveaway]

I had the chance to try these out recently and I couldn't wait to tell you about it! They certainly provide a healthier and unique twist on the English muffin. I love English muffins and since going gluten-free, I really thought I had to give them up! They are one of my favorite breakfast bread choices! So when these came along I knew that I had a great find. I had the chance to try out two kinds - cinnamon raisin and toasted onion .  What I liked first hand about these muffins were the simple ingredients inside. For the toasted onion, the ingredients include Eggs, Almond Flour, Purified Water, Coconut Flour, Toasted Onion Flakes, Baking Soda, and Kosher Salt. For the cinnamon raisin, it includes eggs, almond flour, purified water, coconut flour, raisins, cinnamon, baking soda, kosher salt, and stevia. I have to ask, have you ever purchased a flavored food product and notice that the flavor they are saying it is, isn't even in the ingredients list? I've n

Cricut & How Their Machines Work

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. Want the ability to easily make a personalized wedding gift or perhaps some unique home d├ęcor? Then you might find Cricut electronic cutting machines to be the best DIY crafting tool since the sewing machine. There are two machines that Cricut currently offers on their site: Cricut Explore One™ Cricut Explore Air™ Cricut Explore One™ Cricut Explore One™ is a simple design-and-cut system. It’s versatile, easy to use, cuts very precisely, and is also incredibly affordable. With its irresistibly low price and limitless cutting potential, the Explore One is perfect for a new or beginning crafter. Here are a few notable features of the Explore One: Materials – All Cricut machines can cut an unbelievable variety of materials, for example: Paper Vinyl Iron-on Craft materials Upcycled materials Fabric Plastic Thick materials Precision - Fe

Spun Cinnamon Honey by the Savannah Bee Company [Review and Giveaway]

Nothing says summer, like honey. Something about that golden spread can add so much to a treat! I had the chance to try something pretty amazing by the Savannah Bee Company and I can't wait to tell you about it! Founded by Ted Dennard in 1999, the Savannah Bee Company is a culmination of 35 years work finding the best possible honey.  I love a company that has a passion for what they do and this company is obviously passionate about honey! I've never seen so many honey items! Just peruse their website, and you will see so many eye catching items. Some honey for everyday purposes and even honey that can go with cheese. Cheese, you guys. CHEESE .  But I had the chance to try out a couple of different kinds of honey products. One was the Spun Cinnamon Honey and the other was Propolis Throat Spray . I absolutely loved their spun cinnamon honey . I tried it with these oatmeal muffins I make and it was just - kablam! A total upgrade happened! It has the lightest but s

Get to Know Cricut - The Cutting Machine for Crafters

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.  If you’re reading this post, chances are, you’re a creative type. You like to craft, explore your creativity, and share your creations with others. And it’s for people like you that  Cricut  created their line of personal electronic cutting machines.  A little known fact about Cricut is that they’ve actually been in business for over 50 years, and their primary purpose has been to develop tools that inspire creativity in people.  Today, millions of people use Cricut’s award-winning products to create beautiful, inventive, and personal projects.  So, what is Cricut? Cricut is actually a family of electronic cutting machines that make it possible for you to easily create amazing do-it-yourself (DIY) projects. Well, not totally DIY because Cricut’s incredible machine’s do a LOT of the heavy lifting.  The two machines that Cricut offers are: the  Cricut Explore One™  -

Smart Flour Pizza - A Smarter Gluten-Free Pizza Night!

I had the chance to try out the Smart Flour Pizza recently and I couldn't wait to tell you about it. I feel like gluten-free pizza has come a long way and I've been so happy to see more and more options sprout up around the grocery store for those of us who can't have gluten in our diet. It started out back in 2005, when Georgia Hutton wanted to make a flavorful gluten-free flour blend for a friend diagnosed with Celiac disease. Thus, the smart flour blend was born! Charlie Pace soon came on board and acquired the business, and that's where we are today. Read more about the start of Smart Flour Foods here. I tried this pizza and thought it gave an interesting spin on the genre. I didn't find it all too crispy but that's okay, because I'm not usually the biggest fan of SUPER crispy pizza. Of the two kinds I tried, I really enjoyed the Margherita Pizza , because it had a lot of flavor and personally that's one of my favorite kinds of pizza (aside from

20% Off Mabel's Labels Limited Edition Camp Label Pack with the Flip Flop Icon

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Did you know that today is National Flip Flop Day?! In recognition of this fun day, Mabel's Labels is giving you  20% Off Limited Edition Camp Label Packs with the Flip Flop Icon .  No coupon code is required but this deal is only available through a special offer page. To access your 20% off, go to Mabel's Labels' Limited Edition Camp Label Pack special offer page  today.  Mabel's Label's camp label packs  are filled with a collection of UV resistant, waterproof labels and personalized tags designed especially for everything that goes to summer camp. Identify clothes and footwear, toiletries, swim gear, backpacks and more with these summer essentials. As always, remember -  Mabel's Labels offers free shipping to the US on all orders! 

Smart Drones: See the World In a Brand New Way #SoloatBestBuy #Ad

Can you imagine seeing the world from a brand new point of view? If you are an outdoorsy type, who loves taking that great shot, you must check out this amazing new thing at Best Buy. Or if you are the type who want the latest in greatest in technology, this new thing is the product for you. So what is this amazing new thing that Best Buy has come out with and you will want to add this to your summer wish list? Solo, the Smart Drone. Solo, the Smart Drone is now in Best Buy stores. It's powered by two integrated Linux Computers and retails for $999. It might seem like a pretty hefty price tag, but if you are the type who loves to go exploring, especially in the outdoors, I can't imagine the type of views you could get with this thing. Talk about gaining a new outlook on the world!  It's an intelligent drone to support full control of GoPro® cameras and deliver live HD video either wirelessly to your mobile device or through the controller’s HDM

Vitamin C Serum - Add This To Your Morning Beauty Routine [Review and Giveaway]

What is your morning (or evening) beauty routine? For me, I'm usually so tired at night that if I remember to wash my face, it's an enormous deal. But in the morning, I pay so much more attention to my skin. I always put on coconut oil of some kind, but lately, I've been adding a new addition to my routine - Vitamin C Serum. I've heard about the benefits of using a Vitamin C Serum for a while now and jumped at the chance to try it out and see the kind of impact this had on my skin. I have been using the Amara Organics Vitamins C Serum 20% (with Vitamin E and Hydraulic Acid) Serum for a couple of weeks now. One thing that stood out to me was how gentle this was on my skin. It wasn't harsh at all. I use it daily each morning and follow it up with  a moisturizer. Vitamin C Serum is supposed to reduce signs of aging. I'm only 28 so I'm not sure that I have a lot of evidence of aging to worry about just yet. This is also supposed to brighten skin, repai

Grandpa's Famous Soap Review [And Giveaway]

I am trying to get better about washing my face at night, and so when I had the chance to try out soap made by Grandpa's Famous I couldn't wait to get better about that habit. Best of all, my older brother had tried out their soap that you can also use as shampoo! There's a few things that jump out at me as being pretty awesome about Grandpa's Brands . First of all, they seem to be most well known for their Pine Tar Soap, and according to their website, the very first recipe came out in the 1870s! How about THAT? Grandpa's Brands has been through a lot of changes, but they remain such good quality. I love that it is made in the USA.  AND they are GMO FREE ! Some people don't mind GMO products, but I do, and so this was so nice for me to see. My brother had the chance to review their Pine Tar Soap . "The pine tar soap is awesome!" My brother said. "It smells really nice." Plus you can use it for your hair and he says it makes his hair

Whole Mom: Camano Island Coffee Giveaway [Ends 8/29]

This post contains affiliate links for which I will receive small compensation if you click, purchase, or provide information based on my provided link. Another giveaway for you! This is with the site Whole Mom and they are offering YOU the chance to win a two month supply of organic and shade grown coffee. Enter by following this link and good luck! The giveaway ends on 8/29.

Win a Gazelle Certified pre-owned iPhone or iPad [Ends 7/15]

  **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Okay, am I the only one here who uses a cracked iPhone? I actually have for a couple of years now for two reasons 1) I can't afford a new one and 2) I don't want to be in a contract to get a new one. But it isn't a good idea to use that kind of screen, and it actually is better to get a new phone. Do you use a cracked phone?  If you do, this giveaway is PERFECT for you. As a part of Gazelle's  Stop the Spread of #unprotectedtext campaign, Gazelle is giving you the opportunity to bare your soul on their Facebook page! In 50 words or less, share your story about how you broke your phone and why you continued to use it . Be sure to use hashtag #unprotectedtext and @Gazelle in your social post. When you post, you'll be automatically entered to win a Gazelle Certified pre-owned iPhone or iPad. Giveaway ends on July 15th. Now is your opportunit

Renuzit - Make Your Home Smell Amazing [Review + Giveaway]

I can tell you that I am not a HUGE fan of deodorizer sprays. They don't tend to take away any negative smells nor do they improve the smell of a room too much. Especially the bathroom. These sprays just wrap themselves around the bad smell and make it a weird, funky combination that will end up on your tongue. I had the chance to try out the new Renuzit Pearl Scents PERFECT for my apartment. I couldn't wait to tell you about it. I tried out the sparkling rain Renuzit and I loved it! It is such a gentle smell to have in the bathroom, which is where I ended up leaving mine (as you can see in the photo above it did start out in my living room). It isn't overly strong and it really adds such a nice smell into a room that has a lot of potential for some not good smells. I noticed after a while it didn't remain as strong but the freshness in the room remained. I really liked that. The Renuzit Pearl Scents come in so many different scents. You can try it ou