Renuzit - Make Your Home Smell Amazing [Review + Giveaway]

I can tell you that I am not a HUGE fan of deodorizer sprays. They don't tend to take away any negative smells nor do they improve the smell of a room too much. Especially the bathroom. These sprays just wrap themselves around the bad smell and make it a weird, funky combination that will end up on your tongue.

I had the chance to try out the new Renuzit Pearl Scents PERFECT for my apartment. I couldn't wait to tell you about it.

I tried out the sparkling rain Renuzit and I loved it! It is such a gentle smell to have in the bathroom, which is where I ended up leaving mine (as you can see in the photo above it did start out in my living room). It isn't overly strong and it really adds such a nice smell into a room that has a lot of potential for some not good smells. I noticed after a while it didn't remain as strong but the freshness in the room remained. I really liked that.

The Renuzit Pearl Scents come in so many different scents. You can try it out in:

Pure Breeze
After the Rain
Seductive Pineapple

These each have their own unique scents and can brighten up and liven up any room. Guests and family members will be happy for the lovely addition.

I am happy to announce that I get to giveaway three coupons for free Renuzit Pearl Scents to one lucky reader! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Ends 6/13.

For more information, visit renuzit website and find out where you can purchase Renuzit scents in a store near you.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review.

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