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Win Tickets to Disney Princess - The Concert

I can't believe I am sharing this amazing giveaway with you all! One lucky reader of my blog will have the chance to win 4 tickets to Disney Princess  – The Concert! About Disney Princess – The Concert For generations, Disney’s Princesses have enchanted us with their courage and kindness. Their music has been the soundtrack to our lives. Now, for the first time in forever, that beloved music will be celebrated in Disney Princess – The Concert! Be our guest as an all-star quartet of Broadway and animated film icons celebrate all the Disney Princesses and Frozen Queens in an unforgettable evening of songs, animation, and stories, alongside their magical Music Director and enchanting Prince. Check out this fun video! So in order to win the 4 tickets to the show, you must be able to attend one of the following shows dates/locations: Ready to win? Simply enter via Rafflecopter below! The winner will choose which event they will be able to attend and I'll make sure they get those tic

3 Ways to Recover After Your Workout

If you have been pushing yourself during your workout, without making sure you rest and recover, you may be experience results that don't feel all that good. By giving your body time to restore itself, you are giving yourself the best chance at coming back stronger and reducing the risk of injury. Consider some of these best practices to improve your workout recovery time and get stronger every day. 1. Get more rest. Getting a good night's sleep is essential to your overall health, both mentally and physically. If you aren't getting enough rest, you are missing one of the benefits of sleep to your post-workout recovery. Getting seven to eight hours of sleep will improve your workout performance and recovery time. If you are the type to exercise or train earlier in the day, take a short twenty-minute nap a couple of hours after your workout. It'll re-energize you and won't get in the way of your nocturnal sleep. 2. Improve your protein intake. Protein helps the body