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7 Tips on Saving Money on Instacart

This post may contain affiliate links where I'll receive a small amount of compensation if you purchase through my link. I'm a huge fan of grocery shopping online. It's convenient, especially since I don't have a car. I also love having one convenient app where I can virtually shop at multiple stores for groceries (and other non-grocery items) that my household needs. My preferred online grocery store service is Instacart (second to that, Vitacost). It comes with major benefits you don't see elsewhere. You can chat with your shopper, easily add last-minute items, choose fast shopping times, and be very specific about your expectations (by adding a note on your product choice and by selecting replacement item preferences).  However, I'm not always a fan of the price. Sometimes Instacart can be costly. Their prices can be higher than if you shopped in the store and many customers have complained about grocery items being swapped for more expensive options.  Today

Five Things To Stop Doing For Healthier Skin

When you look in the mirror, if you are troubled by the skin quality that you see, you may be the cause of it. We're all committing skin faux pas on a regular basis. Keep in mind that it's entirely possible to have healthier skin without paying hundreds of dollars on skincare products. Sometimes the healthiest skin can come around by quitting these simple habits: Going to bed with makeup on.  You're tired. You've had a bad day. Maybe you've had a late night. Or maybe you're stressed out and can barely manage to brush your teeth. Likely, the last thing you want to do is worry about is your nightly skincare routine before bed. Unfortunately, you are doing more harm to your skin than good if you are going to bed with makeup on. At the very least, keep makeup wipes handy, so no matter how tired you are you can get rid of the makeup and grime from the day. This single habit alone will make your skin happier and healthier.  Not getting enough sleep.  Want the

What Ever Happened To The Dinosaurs?

Does anyone else remember this TV show? The Dinosaurs ran during the 90s, which was a classic time for those family comedies. Except this time it was dinosaurs.  I only vaguely recall this show in my mind. It had the father (in my now mid-30s mind's eye) being a bit like Dan Conner from The Dinosaurs , the grandma in a wheelchair (somewhat of an older Roseanne?), and a baby that just didn't like the father at all. I vaguely remember the teen characters. It was one of the strange TV shows that seemed like a dream rather than reality. I confess, despite the fact that I'm a child of the 90s, I completely missed the final episode. However, that doesn't mean I'm unaware of the controversy behind it. (Oh, you didn't know?) Apparently, there was some buzz about it being one of the worst finales (which to me, makes sense, considering the comet hit the characters that also killed the dinosaurs way back when). I encourage you to read this fun article with the producer