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Advice for a Road Trip to a National Park

  I'm excited to have Rosanne McHenry join my blog today for a guest post as part of the blog tour for her book  Tales of a Rogue Ranger . A giveaway for her book is happening there too. Make sure to find out more about her book. Thanks Roseanne! Ready to visit your favorite National Parks? There are so many fun ways to go! It all depends on your destination, and how you prefer to travel. Many parks offer camping and lodging options.  Whether you choose a sleeping bag under the stars, a room in a lodge, or a full-sized motorhome with all the comforts, the idea is the same: to get out and explore! Creating your own adventure and going where you want, when you want, is the epitome of freedom. But every great road trip hinges on good planning and decent gear. Here are some tips that will help make your adventures foolproof and fun: Plan Your Route: Even if you’re not exactly sure where you’re headed, pull out some maps (real or virtual) and look at the routes you want to follow. We al