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Weekly Giveaway Round Up

How is everyone doing? I'm excited about the fall season. I love this time of year and it ushers in the nice, cooler weather. I have for you a round-up of giveaways for you to enter this week. A couple of these end very soon, so catch them while you can. Enjoy! Popcorn Snacks Giveaway Ends 10/10 Does Frankenstein Get Hungry  Children's Book Giveaway 10/16 Hot Winter Nights  Book Givaway Ends soon! (in 3 Days as of 9/27) "Friends" show (you have the chance to win the "Friends" trivia game and mugs. Ends October 4th $50 Visa Gift Card

SoFlo Studio: A Unique Video Filmmaking Experience

I've always been intrigued by the movie making experience and all the people, companies and everything else that plays a part. SoFlo Studio is a film production studio that allow you to create the set you need for your movie, or show, or short film. Isn't that cool? It's a must have whether you are in need of a music video location or just any kind of video location rental. They offer up a few standing sets which are incredible and detailed, such as their classroom set. It contains student desks, a teacher's desk, chairs, posters and so much more. It will feel like you've walked into a real classroom! You want a realistic looking video shoot location and this looks very real! The hospital room set is also incredibly detailed, which is important if you are filming something related to a hospital scene. You are even provided with props and outfits to make it feel like the real deal. They make it appear like a real medical office with all the right equipment and po