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Try Certified Organic Coffee by The Bean Coffee Company: Review + Giveaway

  Do you purchase organic coffee? I haven't always had the budget for organic coffee, but I know there are so many benefits to purchasing organic foods and beverages. Coffee is no exception. Why Choose Organic Coffee?  Organic coffee is so much better for the planet. As stated by the CCOF , "Organic standards address many factors: soil quality, animal raising, pest and weed control, and use of input materials." It's far better for the environment and minimizes your global footprint. It helps farms and completely avoids the use of chemical fertilizers .  The Bean Coffee Company is not only USDA-certified organic. They are also certified by the CCOF, which stands for the California Certified Organic Farmers. The CCOF has its own standards. It's quite an extensive process to achieve this level of certification, which is one of the standout reasons that I loved trying their coffee. What I Thought About The Bean Coffee Company Coffee I have a fairly simple and straight