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[Guest Post] Modern Trends in Headband for Babies Fashion

This article was created by the latch clips and headband for babies master to help you choose best accessories for your babies' photo session. 1. Boho Chic Headband  The biggest fashion boom in headband for babies trend in 2015 became from nowhere – the boho chic headband. This type of headband for babies is super simple and typically is worn across the baby’s forehead. Such babies’ headband is just perfect for everyday use and for thematic photo sessions too. As a rule, mothers buy this headband for babies of all ages from newborns all the way through toddlers, and then even wear these headbands themselves! 2. Simple Bow Headbands  Today the market of headbands for babies has lots of ideas to suit any kind of taste and need for the toddlers and older kids. Bows have always been loved by girls of all ages and today there are various types of them available for babies: elastic bow or fabric bow can be attached to a beautiful ribbon or simple latch clips

Back To School Jewelry Looks

This post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own. Heading back to school is always exciting and maybe even a little nerve racking. You've got a backpack full of new supplies, some great new clothes and a chance to start fresh. Now's the time to stand out from the crowd. Whether you're going back to high school or hitting the college campus, one way to really make an impact and show off your seriously unique style is accessories that will turn heads and make your classmates envious. Get that extra boost of confidence when you wear modern, cool, edgy accessories like ear cuffs, ear jackets, hand sheaths and unique statement rings.  Visible Interest  is a top destination to get the newest jewelry pieces by indie designers who share a passion for the uniquely fresh and modern and who believe in the charm of individuality. Visible Interest has something for every hip chick – sleek and modern options in gold, silver, or mixed metal lo

Enjoy Superfood Snacks by Navitas Snacks [Review and Giveaway]

I like to have some snacks throughout the day, and usually go for almonds or mixed nuts. But I really like when I have the chance to try something different. They're snacks are certified organic, non-GMO, and they also have gluten-free options! I had the chance to try Superfood Coconut Chips, Superfood Almonds and Superfood Pepitas by Navitas Snacks. And if you are curious about what they meant by superfood, here's a portion of their definition from their website - "A superfood is a nutrient-dense fruit or vegetable that contains a high content of antioxidants, protein, omega-3, minerals, fiber or other essential nutrients that have proven health benefits."  Read more about it on their website.  And here's my thoughts on what I had the chance to review - Coconut Chips (Cacao) I liked these although they were a bit chewy and stuck together, but they tasted GREAT! I LOVED how they tasted. It had a light coconut flavor but I they had a cocoa vibe to

[Guest Post] 6 Tips & Tricks for Choosing Your Bridal Gown

This is a guest post featuring some helpful tips about bridal gown selections. 1. Know what you want. First of all you need to understand for yourself what types of bridal gowns you like before getting to bridal gowns stores in Toronto. You can find the models that you would like to try via the Internet or at the printed magazines. The best way is when you come to a bridal gowns store and say: “I need Mori Lee number 5, size 2” so the assistance will be able to understand what preferences you have to help you. 2. Everything needs to be done in the right time!  With no doubt, you should start thinking about your bridal gowns choice beforehand, but if you start doing it when you just meet a man, then know that it is too early! Most experts would advise to start looking for a bridal gown around eight months before your wedding day. On the other hand, if you begin to look for bridal gowns too early and buy one too early, then you get into a risk group of second-guessing your cho

Deal Alert! - Wedding Paper Divas - Planning your Big Day?

This post contains affiliate links for which I will receive compensation if you purchase through my link. Then you need to check out   Wedding Paper Divas , who is offering 10% off your entire order! From Save the Dates to Thank You cards and Invitations, Wedding Paper Divas has designs that fit YOU! These are aren't generic or boring - You can completely personalize the cards, upload your own photos, change the font, text and color to make the cards uniquely YOU. The clock is only takes a few minutes to create your personalized wedding items. Just follow these simple steps: 1. Choose from thousands of  Wedding Paper Divas products . 2. Add your photos and tweak the text to your liking. 3. Use the promo code 2015WED10 to save 10% on your entire order. You can also add the promo code FREESHIP15 to get free shipping. It's not too late to save on all your wedding day staples so  head on over to Wedding Paper Divas now . 

[Guest Post] Top Tips for Every Baby Photographer

Every new and professional baby photographer in Toronto knows about force majeure situations during the photo sessions and some that happen afterwards and this guest post written by a baby photographer from Toronto for any baby photographer to help him or her deal with such not pleasant issues. Poop on the blankets. Poo is the least pleasant thing in babies but it is something that happens all the time with any baby photographer. Experts say that the best way to get rid of it is Oxi Clean Spray, just buy it and follow the directions on the bottle! Props and Fabric Cleaning Issue.  Not every beginner baby photographer in Toronto washes his or her props after every session, but this is a must-do! If you provide your little customers with clothes, when washing put them all into safe bags. Never use automatic drying!!! For the regular props, our professional baby photographer expert advises to use special antibacterial all natural wipes or spray in order to wipe off everything afte

Send Me Gluten-Free - August Box Review (And Giveaway)

Some time ago, I had the chance to review the monthly subscription box for Send Me Gluten Free . It had a variety of interesting flavors and experiences to try - some I enjoyed more than others. And I had the chance to try out the July subscription box and I can't wait to tell you about it! Take a look at the photo above and that will give you a pretty good idea of what you can expect inside, but here's more about each item I received - Beanfield Bean Rice Chips - Nacho You can't go wrong with chips and I love these bean & rice chips. They taste hearty and you can taste the mild bean flavor, which is a good thing (makes me feel healthy!). This is a better alternative to the standard chips you may buy in the store. I highly recommend trying these for yourself. Keenwah Quinoa Puffs Aged Cheddar Oh these were good, but EXTREMELY crunchy. Like, whoa, crunchy. But they were still awesome, and I loved the cheddar flavor. Gluten Free Toast Cover I

Purely Elizabeth - Tasty Granola to Start Your Day [And Giveaway]

I am always a huge fan of granola! It goes great with yogurt and a little goes a long way. So I couldn't wait to try out the granola by Purely Elizabeth. It's a company that is obviously striving to do everything they can to do good for the environment. They are part of 1 Percent for the Planet (a new organization I haven't heard of until now!) and Purely Elizabeth donates 1% of their profits to preserve the health of our planet. Plus they strive to make sure that even their packaging has less of an impact on the environment and uses eco-friendly packaging. Also they purchase from organic farmers, and their products are either natural non-GMO or organic. I love supporting companies that try to make our world a better place, so read more about Purely Elizabeth here. I had the chance to try out granola and even something new to me called Apple Currant. Best of all, their products are GLUTEN-FREE! Woo! I tried a few different kinds of granola, including Original Ancient

WB Kitchen - healthy & Tasty Brownies and Bars [Review and Giveaway]

I can't wait to tell you about this tasty new treat that I had the chance to try. And oh these were so good. WB Kitchen started in 2012 by Chris Feuille. It's paleo friendly and their honey treats they create are organic, non-gmo, and  is a paleo friendly AND gluten-free! I had the chance to try out their Brownie Honey Cookie, Coconut Shortbread, Cinnamon Raisin, Maple Pecan, Peanut Butter as well as some of their new coffee bars that include Chocolate, Honey Nut, Peanut Ginger, and Mocha Java. Of the ones I tried the peanut butter and brownie honey flavors were my favorite. I loved these so much - I'm a huge fan of anything peanut butter anyways. These won't make you feel guilty either because they aren't overly bogged down with sugar. The coffee bars were an interesting experience and not as much of a "cookie" or "brownie" texture as the other bars, but they were still good (I didn't have the guts to try out the peanut ginger, thou

Junior Explorers [Including a $75 Toys R Us Gift Card] Giveaway

This post contains affiliate links for which I will receive compensation if you purchase through my link. I couldn't wait to share this giveaway with you guys! Junior Explorers is teaming up with Jungle Jim to offer a $210 prize package to connect kids to the planet! One lucky winner will receive 6 adventure kits from Junior Explorers ($105 value), a $75 gift card to Toys R Us ($75 value), and a Jungle Jim sweatshirt for their child ($30 value). You must enter by September 2, 2015 for a chance to win this awesome prize!  Follow this link to enter.

Interior Design Services from Homepolish

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Have you ever wondered what it’s like to have an interior designer in your home? It’s no longer just a fantasy with help from the interior design start-up  Homepolish . They make it easy (and affordable!) to get an interior designer in your home who will help create the perfect space for you. The experience is truly one of a kind so we decided to break it down for you in three easy steps: 1. Let the designer get to know you: Tell them the bare bones: are you interested in working on a home, office, store or something else? How big is it? Do you have a project budget? Do you own or rent? And then tell them the juicy stuff: What inspires you? What does your ultimate dream space look like? From picking paint colors to gutting a brownstone, they can handle any project, any size. 2. The first date, aka meet your homepolish designer: Here’s what happens during your initial 1 hou

Celebrate The End of Summer with Glutino

To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the summer season and this summer in particular has been fairly miserable. The heat has been tremendous! But as each season comes to an end, particular as the fall season comes in, I end up feeling a little melancholy. I realize how quickly the year has gone (although I am well aware how the awesome holidays are soon upon us!). So, if you are in the mood to celebrate the end of summer, make sure you pick up some amazing Glutino products. I had the chance to try a few of their items, and even some new items, and I can't wait to share these with you.   As you will see above, I am showing you one of my favorite finds - tortilla dippers!! These can withstand any of your party's dip. You WILL want these - I am huge fan of things like salsa, ketchup, all that good stuff. So chip dippers like me will appreciate this. Find out more about dippers here. Also pictured above,  I had the chance to try out the Glutino Breakfast Bars. I

Alternative Baking Company - One Smart Cookie [Review and Giveaway]

Remember my review of the Alternative Baking Company ? Well I reviewed some of the amazing treats some time ago, and I can't wait to tell you about some more treats I had the chance to try recently. The last time I reviewed some of the awesome, tasty "I can't wait for more" gluten free cookies. Well, this time I had the chance to try something called, "That's One Smart Cookie" made by the same amazing baking company. Check them out below - I tried out Chocolate Chip and Coconut Fudge. And you know what? I thought they were pretty good! They are definitely not very sweet but actually I didn't mind. You know what I did? I stirred it into my yogurt (which gave it a major upgrade) and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. The chocolate chip has 7 grams of protein (and 8 grams net carbs) and the coconut fudge has 7 grams of protein. These were definitely a treat that needs something with it, like maybe a mild slathering of peanut butter or almond butter,