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A Healthy Appreciation for Bugs! By Rebecca Wenrich Wheeler

Thank you Rebecca for joining in today! She's doing a blog tour with WOW! Women on Writing about her book " When Mama Grows With Me " My preschooler loves to ask: “What’s your favorite fill-in-the-blank?”. And I love that he asks these questions, because he’s probing for what the other person appreciates and not what they hate! Though when my son asks the bug question, the other person’s immediate response tends to be a narrowing of the eyes and scrunching of the nose. Currently, my son’s favorite bug is a grasshopper. Consider this: when the adult cringes in response to a question that has no wrong answer, what message is that sending to the child? Many people would not place the words appreciation and bugs in the same sentence. Bottom line, bugs keep our ecosystem in balance. Without bugs, human existence couldn’t thrive. According to BBC Science Focus , if all bugs suddenly disappeared, we would have complete ecological collapse and global famine. That is enough to con