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What #MadeYouSmile This Week? And Gymboree's Fresh Take on Style

This post contains an affiliate link for which I will receive small compensation if you purchase through my link. With school starting around the corner, I know so many of you mom's out there are planning for school shopping! Anyone stressing out about school supply lists? I know I've been hearing the parenting woes about all of that!  But what about what made you smile when it comes to preparing your kids for school to start? I remember one of my favorite things as a kid was getting new clothes. I vividly remember going to the mall with my mom as a kid and looking at all the new clothes. I loved getting my outfit all ready for the first day too! I'd even get my shoes and socks all lined up. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Probably does!  Well this fall, Gymboree has a completely fresh take on style. But why choose Gymboree? Well, they are the classic name brand for clothes and probably so many people have bought their clothes for their kids (and maybe even wore t

Clean Better with Lysol Daily Cleanser [Giveaway]

While cleaning the kitchen, after I'm all done rinsing dishes, putting plates and cups in the dishwasher and washing pots and pans, I like to do one final clean up of the counters. A sopping sponge with soap is usually my go to. I like the idea of using Comet, but it feels incredibly harsh. So, when I had the chance to try out Lysol's new daily cleanser, I couldn't wait to give it a try. When I first received the Lysol, I kind of shrugged. I wondered how much of an impact this could actually have with my after-meal cleaning routine. Then I read more about everything this Lysol Daily Cleanser had to offer - 1) No harsh chemical residue. Free of dyes, fragrances, alcohol, or ammonia. 2) Kills 99.9% of germs. 3) Great for everyday use, such as the kitchen, a baby's area such as a high chair, bathroom areas, and around the home. So, I started to use it. Wow, this stuff just is wonderful to me. It's very easy to use and it doesn't create a lot of suds for

5 Ways to Make Extra Money on the Side

Sponsored. I am constantly looking for new ways to make extra cash. Some of these ways I've told you guys about, but others I've learned about recently that I thought I would share. If you are looking to expand on your "side hustles" than this post will include a few things you maybe haven't heard of that you ought to give a try. 1) Evaluate products and stores in exchange for cash. I recently learned about a company called INTERNATIONAL SERVICE CHECK. You sign up online as an Evaluator and they pay you to do a short visit to a store in your area and give feedback about the experience. They have tons of assignments all over the U.S. and Canada—even in remote and rural areas.  What I like best about this is that you basically accept assignments that you want to do and that you are interested in--consumer tech products, watches, handbags, clothing, luxury goods, restaurants and more. This is a perfect opportunity for college students, moms, dads or an

Brooklyn Bedding Bamboo Sheets Review (And Giveaway)

Getting new bed sheets may not be the first thing on my mind when buying things for the home, but it's definitely something I truly appreciate when I do get new ones. Where do I even begin with what brand though? I think the saying is "you get what you pay for" is true and I was surprised to find that it applies to sheets. Poor quality sheets can often mean poor quality sleep (have you ever slept on scratchy sheets? I know I have and it's miserable). So, I had the chance to review Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Bamboo Sateen Sheets to review. When I first opened the package, the first thing I did of course was to touch the sheets. They were so soft! The sheet set was a queen sized fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. I got them in white. I couldn't wait to give these a try for the first night in bed. I had been dealing with some pretty old sheets so these would be a welcome change. When I first put these on the bed, I actually wondered if it would just