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5 New Year's Resolutions You Can Commit To (In Case You Need One)

Yes, folks, it's resolution season! So, in case you are drawing a blank this year, or you have failed far too many times at sticking with your resolution in previous years, I have for you a few resolution ideas that you may want to consider tackling for the year 2020. 1) Do a monthly digital detox . Every month for the year 2020, commit to doing some type of digital detox. That means you 100% unplug yourself digitally for a period of time. No smartphones. No Fit Bits. No internet. Try 24 hours without your smartphone and see how it feels. Then next month, try an entire weekend without your smartphone. It may start out feeling really strange, but taking a break from the online world can be extremely beneficial. 2) Say "no" more often. When was the last time you declined a project or an assignment or a commitment because you knew you would be overwhelmed? Yup, that's what we thought. If it's been a while since you set boundaries around your personal limi

Kumanday Coffee Review & Giveaway

January is the perfect time of year to add a new kind of coffee in your life. Recently, I had the chance to try Kumanday Coffee and I am so excited to tell you about it. The Kumanday Coffee is 100% Colombian Arabica Supremo Coffee. The Colombian Arabica coffee is grown by small coffee growers on Coffee Growers Cooperatives, which means it is guaranteed to have responsible trade and fair compensation. That is extremely important to me and wonderful to read on their website. Now for the coffee! This is such good coffee and I was so happy to try it. Their coffee has such a bold flavor to it. It has chocolate notes to it which I love finding in coffee. I can tell the roasting is fresh! The coffee is more of a medium roast too. So while I prefer a dark roast, I did love this coffee a lot. It had tons of flavor to it and I would absolutely recommend this to any coffee flavor! You can purchase your own Kumanday Coffee by visiting this link.  Be sure to also follow the

5 Gift Ideas for Women on Valentine's Day

Can you believe Valentine's Day is around the corner? I felt like just last week we were celebrating Christmas and ringing in the New Year! Well, whether you are ready or not, Valentine's Day is coming. Need any gift ideas? I have a few ideas that I wanted to share my with you. 1) Necklace. A site that I have recently found that is an excellent gift for someone is  Get Name Necklace.  They may beautiful personalized necklaces that would make an excellent Valentine's Day gift. Getting  necklaces for girlfriend  or whoever is in your life will absolutely put a smile on their face. 2) A Watch Watches are still a great fashion statement and you don't need to spend tons on a smartwatch either. Make sure you research which brands last the longest before you purchase. A couple of brands that I know are Michael Kors and MVMT. Ideally, stick with colors that are fairly neutral like gold or silver. Rose gold is also very beautiful. 3) Perfume  Perfume is

3 Ways to Make Moving Day Easier

Are you planning on moving out of your home this year? I don't know about you, but moving is one of those tasks that feel like a lot of work and neverending. So, if you are looking at a looming moving date, I have put together a few quick tips to keep in mind that will make the moving process easier. This applies to you whether you use a mover or you are moving by yourself. 1) Pack a "first night box."  As you start packing your stuff, remember that first night (and even morning) inside your new home. Make sure every family member has must-have items for that first night. If you know you are going back to school and work the next day, make sure those things stay within plain view of the packing and moving process. For that first night, a few things you'll probably need: Pajamas. (Also, to make it more fun, consider buying new pajamas for that first night. Getting matching PJs for the whole family will make it a night to remember and a fun way to make eve

The Best Way to Get Groceries in 2020: Why You Should Try Instacart

This post contains affiliate links for which I will receive a small compensation if you purchase through my link. As many of you may know, I am a huge fan of online grocery delivery services and I think I've tried them all - almost all of them anyways. My personal favorite is Instacart and I'd like to break down why exactly I love it: How it Works With Instacart, you sign up for the service and select from a list of grocery stores available near you for grocery delivery. You can usually get groceries within a couple of hours or less. You can also schedule your delivery for several hours and days out if you'd like. When you finish adding things to your cart, you can also select specific replacements. You can also add to your order, even after it's completed, as long as the shopper hasn't started. When you've finished your order, you get a text or app notification when the shopper starts and you can chat with them as they shop as well as make requests.