5 New Year's Resolutions You Can Commit To (In Case You Need One)

Yes, folks, it's resolution season! So, in case you are drawing a blank this year, or you have failed far too many times at sticking with your resolution in previous years, I have for you a few resolution ideas that you may want to consider tackling for the year 2020.

1) Do a monthly digital detox.

Every month for the year 2020, commit to doing some type of digital detox. That means you 100% unplug yourself digitally for a period of time. No smartphones. No Fit Bits. No internet. Try 24 hours without your smartphone and see how it feels. Then next month, try an entire weekend without your smartphone. It may start out feeling really strange, but taking a break from the online world can be extremely beneficial.

2) Say "no" more often.

When was the last time you declined a project or an assignment or a commitment because you knew you would be overwhelmed? Yup, that's what we thought. If it's been a while since you set boundaries around your personal limits, it's time to take on the challenge of saying "no." This doesn't mean that you should say "no" to everything, but make sure you are saying "yes" to the right things. Ask yourself if it's really something you can do (or want to do) or if you are just saying yes because you feel like you don't have a choice. Start considering time and energy your biggest commodity. Measure it in small doses however you can.

3) Add an exercise routine.

This is the time of year where everyone signs up for gym memberships. That may work for you - or is currently working for you - but you really don't have to start out like everyone else. Walk around your neighborhood or park further away from your job. Take the stairs every chance you can get. Go for a walk during your lunch break. Or take advantage of a 15-minute break to take a breather outside. Adding in an exercise routine a bit at a time makes a big difference and you are more likely to keep it.

4) Start a gratitude journal.

With all that is going on in the world, it can be easy to forget what we do have in our life. For the year 2020, start a gratitude journal. Write down 5 things each day you are thankful for, no matter how small. If the idea of keeping a handwritten journal sounds unappealing, consider starting a small private blog on WordPress.com to type out what you are thankful for that day. It doesn't have to be complicated, but focusing on what you do have can change your entire perspective.

5) Get to know what your idea of self-care is.

Remember, resolutions aren't about check-marking a box every day all year. It's about adding in a new life change. Sometimes it can be as simple as figuring out what your idea of self-care is. All the tips in the world can be meaningless if that isn't your idea of taking care of you. Your idea of self-care may not be a massage, yoga or a bath. It can be as simple as you need it to be, like buying that delicious smelling lotion, or watching that Disney movie, or indulging in one of your favorite foods. It could be learning how to express a need for help or adding more spontaneity into your life. It could be as simple as actually taking your lunch at work instead of working through it. Whatever it is, take time this year to figure out what self-care means to you.

As we begin this year, our expectations are high in terms of what this year will bring. The most important thing you can do for yourself this year is to not compare your journey to others. If you decide to start a resolution, remember to start out reasonable and have a buddy you can check in with to keep yourself accountable. Happy new year everyone!

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