[Guest Post] Top Tips for Every Baby Photographer

Every new and professional baby photographer in Toronto knows about force majeure situations during the photo sessions and some that happen afterwards and this guest post written by a baby photographer from Toronto for any baby photographer to help him or her deal with such not pleasant issues.

Poop on the blankets.

Poo is the least pleasant thing in babies but it is something that happens all the time with any baby photographer. Experts say that the best way to get rid of it is Oxi Clean Spray, just buy it and follow the directions on the bottle!

Props and Fabric Cleaning Issue. 

Not every beginner baby photographer in Toronto washes his or her props after every session, but this is a must-do! If you provide your little customers with clothes, when washing put them all into safe bags. Never use automatic drying!!! For the regular props, our professional baby photographer expert advises to use special antibacterial all natural wipes or spray in order to wipe off everything after the session.

Safe Laundry Soap. 

Today every baby photographer in Toronto uses his or her own typical soap but unfortunately not all kinds are safe for kids. The best way is to buy a natural dye free product, the most common and best in use are Dreft and ALL Free & Clear. In case of using gentle for babies’ skin soap you will always feel comfortable if asked by the parents.

How to protect your bean bags from poos and pees of babies? In this case, as one baby photographer from Toronto said, babies are just like little puppies! You can simply buy puppy pee pads to deal with this problem. They are small enough for babies and can easily provide the required protection between layered fabrics, should any accidents occur.

Different head sizes.

All babies are different and so are their heads. If you want to use a headband or a hat for a baby and it constantly slips down or is simply too big, then this will be your magic wand. One professional baby photographer from Toronto advises to use a small alligator hair clip. It easily tightens girls’ headbands in the back. For hats he uses tiny claw clips to hold their little hats in place.

Dress code for a baby photographer. 

There is no universal rule as about dress code for the evening. You are a photographer, and you are behind the lens. Every baby photographer in Toronto needs to know the most important fact about the clothes – it should be comfortable! Also remember that as we are talking about newborn sessions the room will be warm for the babies so dress accordingly. It is also advised to wear in neutral colors because your clothing may cast colors on baby when photographing.

I have been compensated to publish this guest post.

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