What Ever Happened To The Dinosaurs?

Does anyone else remember this TV show? The Dinosaurs ran during the 90s, which was a classic time for those family comedies. Except this time it was dinosaurs. 

I only vaguely recall this show in my mind. It had the father (in my now mid-30s mind's eye) being a bit like Dan Conner from The Dinosaurs, the grandma in a wheelchair (somewhat of an older Roseanne?), and a baby that just didn't like the father at all. I vaguely remember the teen characters. It was one of the strange TV shows that seemed like a dream rather than reality.

I confess, despite the fact that I'm a child of the 90s, I completely missed the final episode. However, that doesn't mean I'm unaware of the controversy behind it. (Oh, you didn't know?) Apparently, there was some buzz about it being one of the worst finales (which to me, makes sense, considering the comet hit the characters that also killed the dinosaurs way back when).

I encourage you to read this fun article with the producers talking about the dino characters. The comment, "They're just chilly" definitely made me smile.

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