Spun Cinnamon Honey by the Savannah Bee Company [Review and Giveaway]

Nothing says summer, like honey. Something about that golden spread can add so much to a treat! I had the chance to try something pretty amazing by the Savannah Bee Company and I can't wait to tell you about it!

Founded by Ted Dennard in 1999, the Savannah Bee Company is a culmination of 35 years work finding the best possible honey.  I love a company that has a passion for what they do and this company is obviously passionate about honey! I've never seen so many honey items!

Just peruse their website, and you will see so many eye catching items. Some honey for everyday purposes and even honey that can go with cheese. Cheese, you guys. CHEESE

But I had the chance to try out a couple of different kinds of honey products. One was the Spun Cinnamon Honey and the other was Propolis Throat Spray.

I absolutely loved their spun cinnamon honey. I tried it with these oatmeal muffins I make and it was just - kablam! A total upgrade happened! It has the lightest but sweetest taste and I could've just finished off the jar in one serving. You really will want a ton of this stuff. My only complaint was how narrow the opening was, because the honey is a little liquidy and you can't really fit a spoon through the opening. But between you and me, that totally didn't stop me from enjoying myself.

Not to mention by the way, I also indulged with the spun cinnamon honey by adding it to my peanut butter sandwich...oh GOODNESS this was good. So tasty and so amazing.

I also tried the Propolis Throat Spray. I was a bit reluctant at first, but when I caught an itchy throat over the weekend and sprayed this and it did the trick. It doesn't taste all that great though, but it's worth trying out.

So make sure you check out the Savannah Bee Company if you are as honey-obsessed as I am these days! You can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram for company updates and more!

And I am so excited to announce I get to giveaway a jar of the same Spun Cinnamon Honey to one lucky reader! Enter via Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends on July 10th.

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I received the above mentioned items in exchange for my honest review.

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