A Virtual Reality Game for Bible Readers!

I have come across only a few Bible video games, but none so cool and innovative as the Solemn XII video game. It's a virtual reality 3D action-adventure Bible game that allows learning and development through role-playing objectives. It's an open-world environment, where you experience educational game challenges, assemble virtual objects (like Noah's Ark!), accomplish mission objectives, and experience biblical narratives first-hand.

By the way, this game is meant for an adult audience, 18+ due to the mature appeal.

This game's play regions are dedicated to prominent historical people from the Bible such as King David, Moses, and others. You overcome a variety of challenges to advance in the game.

Curious to find out more? Check out their website and read their FAQ that answers many questions about the game. And make sure you watch this incredibly cool video about the gameplay:

Make sure you also visit their homepage and sign up for their newsletter to learn more! 

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