Enhancing Your Amazon Streaming Experience

When you think of streaming, you probably think of Netflix, Hulu, Twitch—the titans of streaming and live streaming. However, Amazon lies somewhere between those titans. 

Most, if not all of you reading this probably use Amazon streaming in some way, whether you’re using Prime Video, Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, or the Fire TV Cube. And if you’re reading this, you’re probably interested in how you can improve your experience.

Well, look no further! 

5 Tips to Enhance Your Streaming Experience

1. Customize Subtitles

You might not be aware of how you can customize the subtitles of any movie or show you watch.

Simply go to the settings of your Fire Stick or the Prime Video settings, and you’ll be bombarded with tons of options to improve the subtitles. Add backgrounds, change the color of the words, decide where they show up: you have complete control over the subtitles.

2. Use USB Storage

A big selling point for the Fire TV product line is that you’re able to take your shows and movies anywhere you want, as you can download them to your Firestick or Cube. However, if you run out of storage, don’t worry—that’s what USB support is for.

Both the stick and Cube come with USB support, so simply plug a USB drive into your TV and start downloading!

3. Take Advantage of Alexa

Another selling point for the Fire TV series is the inclusion of Alexa, Amazon’s digital assistant. With it, you can avoid touching your remote entirely, telling Alexa what you want to watch, where to go, and vice versa.

It’s not essential, but it is pretty convenient.

4. Use Parental Controls

The last thing you want is for your kids to have access to explicit, violent content. And with the world of streaming, that content is never too far away. 

Fortunately, Amazon streaming comes with plenty of parental controls, allowing you to decide what your kids can access and when.

5. Tighten Up Security

Lastly, you should look into tightening up the security of your Prime apps and your Fire TV products. It won’t have a noticeable improvement, but you ‘ll be able to watch TV without having to worry about hackers.

A Firestick VPN goes a long way into protecting your identity. Take some time to set up security for yourself.

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