Raise Your Glass to Ultimate Wine Bliss: 14 Benefits of Joining a Wine Club

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Have you ever wanted to indulge in a wine experience that goes beyond just a shipment of bottles? Well, get your palate ready, because I'm about to introduce you to the ultimate wine lover's haven: the California Wine Club. Discover all the benefits of joining a wine club that cares just as much as about its recipients as it does its wineries: 

1. Educate Yourself 

In every shipment, you'll receive their exclusive wine club magazine, Uncorked. It is like a treasure of wine knowledge. You'll find fascinating wine facts, winery tales, tasting notes, and food pairing tips. It's like having an experienced sommelier right in your home.

2. Customized Your Wine Choices

Red, white, or perhaps both? The California Wine Club lets you call the shots. Mix and match club levels, change up bottle quantities, and decide how often your wines arrive. Your wine journey, your rules. 

3. You Choose Your Flavor

Why stick to one flavor when you can enjoy a variety? With this club, you can easily hop between various wine club subscriptions.

4. Don't Love Your Bottle? Don't Worry

Say goodbye to sipping wines that you don't love. Their Love It Guarantee is like a safety net for your palate. If a wine isn't your ideal choice, they'll make it right—no questions asked. It's all about sipping happiness. 

5. Keep Track With Your Wine Cellar

Imagine a virtual cellar that's just for you. Your virtual wine Cellar keeps your  bottles organized and at your fingertips. You'll never have to scramble to remember what that bottle was you once enjoyed. It will be right there.

6. Exclusive Savings

You can enjoy $1 shipping to most states on 6 or 12 bottle purchases and unlock access to exclusive savings and exceptional wines. Your wine won't gather in the cabinet alone any longer.

7. Easy Account Management

Change of plans? No problemo! Managing your account is as effortless as sipping your favorite wine. Pause, start, customize deliveries, track your packages, and fine-tune your selections with a simple click. 

8. Access Personal Wine Consultants

Got a wine-related question at the back of your mind? The Personal Wine Consultants will make your wine club experience even sweeter. Chat with them Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm PST, and let their expertise guide you.

 9. VIP Treatment: Winery Adventures Await

Planning a wine-centric getaway? You can enjoy VIP tours at the best of wineries around the world. Let the club know, and they'll help plan your trip for an unforgettable experience. They're even in the know about dog-friendly options!

10. Share the Joy, Reap the Rewards: Refer a Friend

Give your friends a discount while reaping the rewards yourself. Refer a friend, and when they take the plunge, you'll score a fabulous $100 credit. It's like spreading joy, one bottle at a time. 

11. Keep Your Wines Safe in Storage

Vacation on the horizon? Your wines are in good hands. They offer complimentary storage and will hold your shipments in their temperature-controlled warehouse. They'll be ready to be enjoyed when you return. 

12. Support Wineries

Behind every sip is a winery with real people who love what they do. By joining this club, you're supporting the dreams of small family wineries. Joining this wine club is all about nurturing a community of passionate wine artisans. 

So, fellow wine drinkers, are you ready to dive into a world of flavors and stories? The California Wine Club is enjoy a sip with you. Cheers to a journey that's as extraordinary as the wines themselves. And it's a great gift to give a friend this holiday season (or yourself, ahem).

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