Top 5 Outdoor Living Space Ideas

Summer is upon us and it's not too late to give your backyard some much-needed attention. We're sharing a few outdoor living space ideas to make it an appealing place for you and your crew to enjoy. Whether you need an upgrade to your existing space, looking to remodel, or have no idea where to begin, here are a few easy ways for you to begin:

1) A variety of comfortable seating choices.  

Having comfortable places to sit and relax is essential to an outdoor living space. As you select your seating options, consider the purpose of the seating area, and how many people you want to be able to accommodate. If you want the area to feel more like a living room, you will want to have a few comfortable sofas and chairs. If you want the ability to have meals outdoors, you will want to the seating and the table to accommodate this expectation. Be sure you still have enough room for people to walk, play, and move around in the space.  

2) Appropriate lighting. 

During the evening and late-night hours, you will want lighting that will add an ambiance while also makes sure people see where they are going. For your seating areas, consider using torches, lamps, and string lights to cast a warm, inviting glow around your space. If you don't like dealing with outdoor lighting and electrical questions, consider looking into a few solar lighting options. Also, be sure to install accent lighting to highlight pathways and other designated areas.  

3) Add some shade. 

In the summer months, make sure you shade yourself and your loved ones from the sun and the heat. Umbrellas will easily add shade around seating areas. A canopy, such as a fabric sail shade, over your backyard, will protect you and your guests from the sun and add privacy to your outdoor living space. 
4) Include a little warmth. 

Fireplaces or fire pits are a must-have item that you can accommodate any budget. You don't need an elaborate outdoor fireplace for your outdoor living space. Fire pits can be very affordable and very stylish. They also serve a variety of purposes. If you have the budget, installing a pizza oven can also be a fun addition to your outdoor living space - and can add some tasty memories to your home.  

5) Don't forget the plants. 

As you finalize the must-haves for your outdoor living space, don't forget about adding a little bit of green to your outdoor living space. You don't need an established garden area, but consider planting a few seasonal plants for changing color. Planting vines can also provide extra shade and privacy as well as style.  

While the summer lingers, be sure to consider these top outdoor living space ideas.

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