5 Memorable Backyard Camping Ideas

Camping in your backyard is a great way to introduce kids to the outdoor lifestyle within a safe atmosphere. With the right setup, your backyard campout can be as memorable as ever. So, if you're in the mood for s'mores and sleeping under the stars, we have a few backyard camping ideas for you to make it an unforgettable experience. 

1) Get the tent out. 

For your campout, and before night falls, have the whole family work together to set up the tent. Use this time to instruct your child about how the tent serves as not only shelter but also protection from any possible dangers you may experience in the outdoors.  

2) Utilize that fire pit. 

A fire pit is ideal for camping in the backyard. You can use it for cooking up s'mores and telling scary stories. You will want your fire pit to be of good quality. Before you know it, your fire pit will become one of your favorite aspects of your backyard. 

3) Pack some good food. 

To have the right type of campout, make sure you pack all the food you need for your backyard adventure. For dinner, get all the items you need for your grill, such as hot dogs, burgers, and all the fixings. Prepare some tasty sides, such as potato or macaroni salad the day before. Get some chips, vegetables, and dip. Not to mention, pack all the ingredients for s'mores. For breakfast, you can get your griddle pan to make pancakes or fried eggs.  

4) Get the right lighting. 

You will want to have the right lighting, so you can still enjoy your backyard as it gets dark. Adding string lights can create a unique atmosphere, and will likely be something you leave up all season long. Give your kids flashlights and play a game of flashlight tag. Don't forget to bring the flashlights out when it's time to tell scary stories. 

5) Play fun, outdoor games. 

Outdoor games are a great way to enjoy your backyard camping trip. If you are up for the challenge, plan a scavenger hunt for your kids. Play games like Frisbee, tag, and yard games like croquet. Be sure to include toys and games your kids can play while you cook, like board games, puzzles, and coloring books.  
Camping in the backyard can be a fun way to show your kids how to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors.

If you can't have a traditional camping adventure this season for any reason, this is still an excellent way to make memories and enjoy the fresh air. 

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