5 Fun Back to School Items to Add to Your List

It's hard to believe we're already shopping for back-to-school supplies. Before you know, we're going to be talking about holiday gift lists, and then deciding on some New Year's Resolutions. But let's not get ahead of ourselves of course! Alongside your list for backpacks, pens, pencils, lunch bags, crayons, and let's face it, masks and hand sanitizer, I have a few items that will be perfect for you - or your child - this fall school season.

Festive fall-themed stickers and charms

Designer and artist Christina Veillette just released her brand-new fall collection items, each hand-made by the artist herself. Exclusively sold on Christina's website, these waterproof die-cut stickers are perfect to place on water bottles, tumblers, laptops, planners, and notebooks. Her adorable acrylic charms are adorable additions to purses, keys, and bags.

Customizable Backpacks

Stand out from the sea of standard nylon backpacks, with a bag made by romp7. They offer over twenty patches designed to make your backpack unique and creative - just like you. In addition, the backpacks offer premium durability and functionality.  

Get organized

Something about living through such a hectic and chaotic time period has inspired me to get organized. I guess being able to control something in my life appeals to me in a big way. I'd recommend storage solutions by Spectrum Diversified Designs. Their in-draw organizers help you maintain the functional space of your draw but offer up various ways to keep everything neat and tidy.  

Bio-degradable Sandwich Bags

I'm a huge fan of packing a bag lunch even if I'm working (or schooling) from home. Something about that tradition feels fun and familiar to me. So, Lunchskins offers up a biodegradable solution to the standard sandwich baggies. Their options are made from pure wood pulp and are eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. Their plastic-free starter kit also includes paper straws too.  

Reusable Water Bottles

I think most of us are trying to be better about our carbon footprint and having a to-go water bottle that doesn't leak and is spillproof is really important. Whether you want it for yourself to hold coffee, or one to take with you when your child goes back to school, offers up an excellent selection. The ones for kids are easy to clean, easy to use, and also spillproof, plus made with trendy patterns your kids will love.

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