Cleaning Out and Restocking My Bathroom in 2019

It isn't January unless you've started your New Year's Resolutions. To be honest, I really don't have any in particular, although I do have goals set out for the year. One thing I've started doing in January is to clean out and restock my bathroom with better products and new products I need to try.

First things first - what to toss?

First out was sunscreen. Honestly, you'd be surprised how much expired sunscreen you own. I know I sure do. Next on the list is makeup I haven't replaced in over a year (lots of mascaras got tossed!). I've also rid myself of facial creams that I've not used and likely won't be using.

Next up though is restocking my bathroom with better products. I've decided to make more use of things like coconut oil for my skin. I've used it in the past and saw great results. Other things on my list is better foundation or concealer as well as a new primer. In addition, I'm intrigued by so many of the herb pharm products available right now, especially their breath refresher spray.

So that's how I'm starting out my 2019. How about you?

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