Pet News: Missing Cat Shows Up 4 Years Later

(story originally published with KTVA)

I used to love sharing pet news with you guys and I wanted to bring it back! So, this news comes out of Anchorage, Alaska. The Miller family recently reunited with their 16-year-old cat Ruger after 4 years of having no idea where he went. I have a gut feeling Ruger was just catting around.


Anyways, it all started because of a bad snow storm. Ruger usually always comes in when it snows and when Ruger didn't, the family went door to door in search for their cat. Months of searching and knocking on doors and the family never found Ruger!


What reunited the family? Four years later, at the Anchorage Animal Care and Control, the staff found poor old Ruger in a night drop off bin for animals. They scanned the chip and contacted the Millers. Mom Cassie Miller showed up and once she called out Cassie's name he meowed up a storm. Now the family is finally complete and Ruger is back with his family!


Now he gets to live his remaining years in the lap of luxury reminiscing of his days in the wild. I'm sure he'll be telling long-winded stories about what happened those years.

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