Third Day Naturals - All Natural Skin Care Products [Giveaway]

I'm always on the look out for using more natural products for my skin. I am closely read ingredients when it comes to food, why not do the same for my skin? So, I couldn't wait to try out products made by Third Day Naturals. They use all natural ingredients, doesn't contain any parabens or GMOs, and smells wonderful.

I tried a few products by them. Two different body butters - vanilla and lavender, a vanilla lip balm, two different soaps - lavender oatmeal and head-to-toe soap, and lastly, a vanilla lotion bar. I love the scent of vanilla and couldn't wait to try these different products.

Lavender Body Butter (Purchase here) and Vanilla Body Butter (Purchase here)

I really loved these. First, they smelled wonderful. It took me a bit to get used to getting the body butter out of there because the product was a bit firm unlike usual lotions I may use. However, a little definitely goes a long way. The scent was gentle and not overpowering and great for dry skin or sensitive skin. You can get these now for $15.95 which may sound like a lot but actually this stuff will go far.

Vanilla Lip Balm (Purchase here)

I love lip balm but tend to get the cheaper kind that cracks my lips. I used this and absolutely love it. I'm using it regularly now and it's such a fantastic change from the usual lip balms I have. It doesn't gum up on the lips either, so I can put on a tinted gloss or lipstick just fine. Also, the price is incredibly cheap too by the way, it's only $2.95 and it's so worth it.

Travel Size Lotion Bar (Purchase here)

I don't trust myself with carrying lotions in my purse most times. There is always that risk that the lotion won't be capped tight enough and it will end up everywhere. So this lotion bar is an absolute fantastic alternative. It's portable, gentle scent so it doesn't bother anyone around me, and goes on my hands nicely. A little definitely goes a long way and while it's heavier and firmer, it absorbs nicely.

You can get one for $4.95.

Head to Toe Soap (Purchase here)

This soap was a unique experience because you can actually use it on your hair! I haven't used for my hair yet but I've used it on my body and I love it on my skin. It's a more mild scent which is nice if I'm more focused on having a stronger scented perfume.

Lavender Oatmeal Soap (Purchase here)

This is one of the best things I tried. It smells wonderful and makes my skin feel so good. The gentle scent is wonderful. It's also a nice exfoliant too.

This soap and the head-to-soap comes at incredibly reasonable prices of $4.95.

Overall, I recommend these products for anyone who is seeking beauty products that are more natural and better for your skin with better ingredients. It's worth spending a few more extra dollars.

Best of all I get to giveaway two soaps, one full sized lotion bar, and a lip balm to one lucky winner! If you can't wait for the giveaway to be over to try this use the coupon code fancy and get 15% off (valid through September 2019). Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Giveaway ends 8/28. US only.

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I received the above items in exchange for my honest review. 

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