Aroma Brew - A New Way to Make Coffee

I always appreciate a new way of making coffee. I usually use a drip coffee maker, but I recently had the chance to  try out a coffee maker that was considered to be more of an 'aroma brew.'

The first thing I noticed about this coffee maker was how incredibly lightweight it was. I thought it was made of glass but in actuality it was made of "borosilicate glass" which can withstand change in temperatures better making it not so breakable. I tried this out for the first time one weekend and filled the coffee filter inside with ground coffee and then poured in hot water. I let it sit and then a few minutes later was able to enjoy some coffee.

I was pleasantly surprised by the coffee and how it turned out. Really flavorful and reminded me a bit of how I would make coffee during camping. I actually think this is a fantastic coffee maker if you love to camp and do outdoor activities.

Maybe the minor downside is that it is only for one cup at a time, so you have to have the patience to make multiple cups if you are in a group.

Does this sound like something you'd like? Be sure to purchase your own by visiting this link and purchase it for $58.95.

I received the above item in exchange for my honest review.

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