Earn Gift Cards with the Drop App [My Review]

As you guys know, I love finding ways to save money and earn points back on my shopping. And one new way I've discovered is through an app called, "Drop." It links to your bank account (or credit card account) and with any purchases you make with that account linked up, points get added onto your account. It's surprisingly easy to get points and adds up really fast.

But I wanted to talk about in detail about the app -

So when you sign up, you get asked what kind of offers you'd like to redeem. And for me, I choose Safeway, Uber, Lyft, Whole Foods and Walgreens and whenever I make a purchase at those places, points get added to my account. I shop a LOT with Safeway and I get 8 points per dollar spent. So, if I spend about $80 on my purchase, I will get 640 in points. I can start redeeming gift cards when I get to 5,000 points.

Linking your cards is very easy, you sign into your account and it basically reads your purchases through the account you've linked up.

Now the question is, how safe is it? I've never been entirely comfortable having my bank account linked up with a rewards site, but I've decided to give this one a try. They do have information on their website as to how they secure your info too (read more info here) and they do say on their site that passwords and personal information is not anything that they can see.

The really nice thing is that, like I said, it's very easy to get points. Every now and then when you log into the app, they have new offers that will be available to you -

And that's come up for me with things like Amazon and other sites I shop at a lot. Also when you get 5 transactions, you get to play the bonus game! So far that gives me about 100 points each bonus round.

And you can redeem rewards right now like Starbucks or Amazon or Sephora. I've been able to redeem a few times thanks to this app!

So interested in signing up? Sign up now! And use this code: 8vwye and that gives both of us 1,000 drop points!

This post contains a referral code for which I receive compensation in the form of points if you sign up with my code.

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