My 5 Favorite Vodka Drinks

Over the holiday season I had the chance to try out some amazing vodka by Rain. I had the chance to try out their Mango, Cucumber, and Plain. I do really enjoy vodka on special occasions and especially as a mixed drink.

So looking for a new vodka drink recipe? I have a few recipes for you to keep in mind next time you are looking for Vodka to try.

Cucumber Ginger Fizz
I love fizzy mixed drinks, I admit. So this one is really good and you know what? I loved that Cucumber vodka the most! As for flavored vodkas, I find they are usually too sweet but the cucumber was particularly enjoyable and a unique flavor to me.

Cucumber Lime Martini
Another one using Cucumber infused Vodka, like the kind I tried. The lime with the cucumber is an refreshing combination that is a must try.

Moscow Mule
How can you mention vodka without mentioning the Moscow mule drink? This one is a particularly excellent one to try and it's one of my favorites.

Lavender Martini
Never had a lavender martini? Now is the time to try. It's floral, slightly sweet and worth trying out this spring as the flowers are blooming all around. Yum!

Salty Dog Recipe
Last but not least this one is an interest flavor experience! I would almost say though that since grapefruit juice isn't exactly all that sweet, I'd use a sugar rim instead of a salty rim. So maybe that would be a sugar dog recipe?

Most of all though, I liked these flavor vodkas over ice. So next time you are making a run for vodka, make sure you look for Rain vodka. I didn't find it particularly strong oddly enough but I loved that aspect of it.

Be sure to check out their website and purchase Rain vodka in a store near you!

I received the above photographed products in exchange for my honest review.

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