5 Songs to Listen to Over Coffee

One of my favorite things to do on the weekend is drink coffee and listen to music with my family. Sunday's we tend to listen to praise music and over long weekends it tends to vary by genre. There are some songs that are just perfect over coffee. Add in a storm and maybe a snow day or two and you have pretty good morning if you ask me.

So I had the chance to review some really tasty coffee that I can't wait to tell you about, but first of all, here's five songs that are perfect to listen to over coffee:

1) Music from the movie The Conversation

On a windy day, park yourself in front of a window - ideally with a good view of some trees - and with some good, strong coffee in your hand, listen to this song. Whenever I listen to this, it reminds me of the wind. Not quite a stormy day wind, but a blustery spring or summer wind. It's thought provoking for sure.

2) Canned Heat, On the Road Again

You might want to listen to this song with coffee in your to go mug. This will motivate you to pack up and go and let the wind and the road guide you. At least, for me it does.

3) Days Like This by Van Morrison

Have you ever seen the movie As Good As it Gets? Well it has incredible music and one song I learned of thanks to the movie is this Van Morrison song. One of my favorite morning songs.

4) Can't Go Back Home by Tony Joe White

Another contemplative song I like to listen to. This one inspired a story for me, actually.

5) It Goes Like it Goes

This is another one from a movie. It's from Norma Rae and if you haven't seen that one yet, you should! It'll inspire you to form a protest or something.

Now what about that coffee? Well, I had the chance to try out this incredible coffee by Earth Bean Coffee. I like when coffee is dark roast and so I couldn't wait to try this coffee I received. I got two different kinds:

The first one was Colombia Magdalena. It says it had notes of cocoa and candy apple, which seems unusual but I was intrigued! This didn't have the deep richness like I was expecting but it was a fantastic dark roast. It didn't taste burnt to me at all.

The next one photographed above is Peru Amazonas. Now that one I loved the most and I was a bit surprised because I was expecting to like the one with cocoa notes more. But this one had the full richness I tend to love about dark roasts. It jumped out at me and it's one I would buy again.

One bag of coffee made by Earth Bean Coffee is $13.00. That may be a bit more than what you might pay but actually I think it's worth it to get quality beans. Best of all, they offer free shipping too on US orders. And this is organic coffee, which can mean a lot in terms of how it's grown and treated and the chemicals you might find. 

Be sure to visit their web page and shop for some good coffee today. Also, you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

I received the above photographed coffee in exchange for my honest review. 

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