Save Money on Uber Trips (And Get Money for Your Car)

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I'm a huge fan of finding new ways to easily save money, especially on something I use regularly. So, if you are an Uber fan, you will want to sign up for I take Uber to and from the store pretty regularly. I don't own a car and the ride sharing thing has changed everything for me. It saves me money and actually thanks to me using Ibotta and then also now using I end up earning $3 back from almost each trip I take. Read my Ibotta post to find out how it can save you money.

I signed up for ShopYourWay and it connects with your Uber account and with each trip you earn $2 back. That may not sound like much, but I take Uber regularly so this adds up for me really fast. I've been using it since last December and as a result, I've been able to redeem my points for a coffee grinder and now three new Serta pillows are on their way to me.

I've seen some reviews online about people not enjoying this program and so far, I haven't had any problems with it. Just because of my own concerns, though, I haven't connected a credit card or debit card to my ShopYourWay account. I'm hoping though by some chance I can connect other places to ShopYourWay at a later point and maybe one day I'll feel comfortable enough to connect my credit card.

Until then, if you enjoy Uber, make sure you sign up with ShopYourWay and save money! Sign up with my referral link here.

Speaking of cars, if you have one in your yard that is just taking up space, did you know that you can get cash for your junk cars? Find out more information as to how you can get money for your junk cars here.

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