Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts - Pack These for Lunch!

I'm into having snacks on hand that I can enjoy and not feel too guilty about having. So I got the chance to try out these Royal Hawaiian Macadamia Nuts. I love nuts and seeds as snacks because they are more filling and if I can get a blast of flavor in that kind of snack along the way, I'll be even more happier. And WOW these were amazing. Check out the photos below -

Ah these were just so good and they really hit the spot. When I had a sweet urge, having one of these chocolate covered macadamia's was incredibly satisfying. The cool thing is it's gluten-free, NON Gmo, and has great ingredients.

I loved the Blueberry pomegranate Macadamia Crunch (pictured above). The crunch was berry flavored but not overwhelming. It didn't stick to my teeth (HUGE PLUS) and was filling as well. I loved the dark chocolate covered ones but honestly, of all the ones I tried the Hawaiian BBQ macadamia ones were my absolute favorite!

You can purchase these macadamia's on their website. They cost roughly $6.99 per bag (5ounces) online which isn't too bad, but to save on shipping I recommend you visit their store locater to see where you can purchase these nearest you.

These macadamia's are perfect for snacking on the go. So often when I need a snack I have a hard time finding something that won't leave me feeling guilty (i..e chips, cookies, etc.). So having something like this on hand is such a nice go to item to toss into a lunch.

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review. 

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