My Top 5 Favorite Ways to Eat Crackers

Snack time when you are gluten-free can be tough. So, when I'm working on my blog, particularly my unemployment blog, I want the right kind of snack to keep me going. So much temptation for things that aren't healthy and all that good. So I had the chance to try out these great gluten-free snacks and it made me think about all the ways I truly love to eat crackers, especially when it's a guilt free experience. For me that means healthy ingredients, not too much calories and nothing that my body will disagree with. And that I found in these crackers.

1) As a scoop for something I'm eating.

That is usually beans and rice, actually. Or a burrito. I love scooping with a cracker and it goes especially well when I'm having beans and rice, which I tend to have a lot of in my diet. Potential other scoopable food - macarooni and cheese (although doesn't compliment crackers well).

2) With cheese.

I'm a huge cheese fan. If there's a food, I'd love to be as healthy for you as a bowl of broccoli, it's cheese. And for me, these crackers I got were fantastic paired with cheese. Swiss cheese. Cheddar. Gouda. So much options!

3) Nut butters.

So, I confess, I'm a bit partial to peanut butter, but you know I do love my share of almond butter. I haven't yet tried cashew butter or sunflower butter although I do believe that's next on the agenda of nut butters I love to try. But these crackers I enjoyed paired so well with peanut butter. They break a tad easily (which is good! That means they don't have cardboard texture) but when I mastered the spreading of the peanut butter on the cracker it was a great experience.

4) Cream cheese.

Okay, so don't judge me on my choice of cream cheese, but I do enjoy it. In fact, get me so onion and chive cream cheese, put it on a cracker, and then top it with jalapeno pepper slices...YUM you guys. Such a fantastic combination. I didn't have the heart to put cream cheese with my other noted cheese item because we all know cream cheese isn't the same as regular cheese (as much as I hate admitting it).

5) Tuna salad.

Oh this is a fantastic cracker to have with tuna salad. It makes a great scoop to scoop up the tuna AND it is great to have on top of the cracker. I love tuna with lemon and a dash or two of hot sauce mixed with a bit of mayo and minced onions.

How do you like to enjoy crackers?  I even shared these crackers with a couple of people and they liked them a lot! The mild taste of the herbs and spices combined with the cracker texture made these a great hit.

So why get Jilz Crackers before any other cracker you might buy in the store? It's certified gluten-free, non-gmo and contains ingredients you can understand. Plus, they taste good and you won't feel guilty afterwards. If you like crackers but want a guilt free experience, find out where you can buy Jilz Crackers in a store nearest you. 

I received the above items in exchange for my honest review. 

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