Meet the "Mighty Stash Pack" (My New Favorite Thing)

I tend to go through lunch bags pretty fast. Mostly because I can't seem to find something as durable as I would like and since I tote my lunch bag with me on the bus, it doesn't tend to last long. Something about that long commute wears down even the most durable bag. Until I met the "mighty stash pack." I have used this for a variety of reasons and I'm so excited for you guys to consider this in your future.

It's water proof. Oh how I love this. The worst thing when carrying your lunch is if you spill something on or around your lunch. Oh how it gets ruined. But not with this! This is waterproof. And STAIN proof. I've had many a lunch bags get nasty looking thanks to what I've spilled on it. 

Another thing I like is how it zips up. It ends up zipping up like a cube-ish triangle. I love it. And it's so easy to carry around too. First with the durable strap and then the strong hook that you can connect to almost anything.

And by the way, I use it for more than just lunches. I have used it to hold notebooks that I want to keep with me and keep them compact. 

One thing I'd love to see is different sizes for this might stash pack. Right now it comes in one size from my understanding but I hope there is more to come. The zipper is durable and I can't wait to see what else comes of the Mighty Stash Pack.

Right now the Mighty Stash Pack is part of a Kickstarter Campaign. And if you want to support the campaign and get your own stash pack you can visit them here.

I receive the above item in exchange for my honest review. 

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