Cat Reunites with Family After Four Months Missing

Want an uplifting story for your weekend? Well, here's one for you. This couple Scott and Emily Faulkner were at a campground in Missoula for a music festival. Their cat, Tiger Jr. (or TJ), went missing at this very campground.

This sure isn't this cat's first rodeo. This cat has been sailing and camping with his family of four years. So this wasn't like TJ at all. For months in search of their beloved pet, they searched through Craigslist and contacted animal shelters for TJ, but to no avail.

Until the Butte Animal Shelter gave them a call. Owner of the shelter Colin Jennings had been approached by TJ who acted very wild and aggressive initially. But TJ was all cleaned up and once when Jennings was feeding other cats at the shelter, TJ approached the cat shelter owner with friendliness. That's when Jennings scanned him for a chip and found one.

Scott Faulkner, the cat man of the family, was brought to tears when he reunited with TJ. He described TJ as acting like a dog when greeting him. Read the full story over at the Missoulian

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