Another Way to Save Money on Your Groceries

Looking to save money on groceries? I am very much into apps such as Ibotta, but have you heard of Checkout51?

That's another one you may not have heard of but lately I'm really able to rack in the savings. First, you can really save money on things like beauty products (I have saved money on my Simple brand Face Wipes and you can also save money on brands like Nubian Heritage. I talk about them a lot and currently had the chance to try out their incredible new kind called "Indian Hemp & Haitian Vetiver." A mouthful right? Well, it smells great and actually a perfect lotion scent choice for people who aren't too into the more flowery and fruity scents. Works for both men and women. It has a green grassy scent that smells very clean. Anyways, right now you can save $2.00 on Nubian Heritage brands and that is an incredible savings on a quality product. When you go into stores, make sure you are looking for this:

So, anyways, right now I have about $25 and some change and I've only started being active again. They have so many savings on Christmas related items, food and medicine products, and store specific savings as well. I have both this app and Ibotta app downloaded. These are my go to's. So make sure you download this one and start saving on groceries today!

Download Checkout 51 app.

This post contains affiliate links for which I will be compensated if you purchase or download via my link. I also received the above mentioned product in exchange for my honest review.

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