Add KnitBest To Your Wardrobe [Review]

I love sweaters this time of year. While most of the time, I'm wearing heavier sweaters, I like the kind you can layer with other things. I had the chance to try out a couple of KnitBest sweaters that I really liked. Knit Best sells a ton of sweaters and you can find a lot of the sweaters on Amazon (my favorite place to shop!)

I'm actually fairly new to shopping online and it is such a beast of burden for me to shop for clothes online. I get so picky and it's so tough to find the right type of thing. So for me, I was excited to see how I felt about these sweaters.

Here's the first one I got -

It's a "Womens Long Sleeve Open Front Cotton Cardigan." I wore this to work and I loved the feel of it! First it's made of 100% soft cotton and WOW do I love the feel of this. It isn't scratchy one bit. It's easy to layer with too. I wore a long sleeved shirt underneath it comfortably. There were only two points I noticed. First, I'm tall (5'10) and so the sleeves weren't as long as I liked, but it wasn't noticeable to others (and barely noticeable to me). And then there's no buttons or tie to close up the sweater. Not a big deal but it's kind of nice to have the option. Purchase this now.

The other one I had to review was the this blue cardigan.

 I love it, and it works well with a few sleeveless tops I can't normally wear. I would say though it's definitely on the lighter side, fabric-wise and since it's so cold this time of year, I will probably enjoy wearing it more in the spring. This one came around the waist area for, although again I'm pretty tall. My camera for this shot above was so crummy, but this is definitely a navy blue color. I promise! Purchase this now.

Also, the prices for KnitBest is what attracts me the most. They really aren't that bad. Like that blue cardigan is only about $19.99 right now and that long sleeved black one I got is only $36.99.

So purchase your KnitBest sweater and see what else they have to offer! Purchase now.

I received the above sweaters in exchange for my honest review. This post contains an affiliate link for which I will receive small compensation if you purchase through my link. 

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