5 Ways to Watch Movies for Free Online

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Over the summer, I cancelled cable. The thing is I wasn't entirely eager to just sign up for a ton of streaming services (although I do have Amazon prime, just not for streaming purposes only!). You see, there are way more ways to enjoy movies and even TV than just streaming services. And I'm not talking about the sketchy sites where you download things you shouldn't, but real ways to enjoy some awesome movies online without putting yourself at risk.

Here's my top favorites -

1) Youtube.com - for TV Movies, especially.

Alright, depending on the types of movies you enjoy, you can find a lot on YouTube. Forewarning though, if you find something, watch it soon, as sometimes they can be taken down pretty fast simply due to copyright issues. But if you are wanting a way to watch movies (or even TV shows, especially ones from the past), YouTube is a fantastic start. Plus if you are a sucker for Lifetime movies, like me, they have a ton posted on YouTube. 

2) Crackle.com

Crackle is by far my favorite of the freebie sites. They update their list monthly and even have some TV shows you can watch as well (a select few Seinfeld episodes get posted and for all you 90's kids out there, they also have "The Critic" an animated series voiced by Jon Lovitz.).  It's all good quality, nothing you have to download, the only trade off is that you have to watch ads. You don't need to sign up either.

3) TubiTV.com

This is another one of the good quality ones. A few gems are in the collection of movies you can watch through TubiTV. The cool thing is you can search by categories such as "Newest Arrivals" and "Movies Not on Netflix" The only downer is there isn't any way to sort when you bring up lists. You do need to sign up to watch movies, but it isn't a bad thing because you can build up your queue (one major perk of using this site).

4) PlutoTV.com

Okay this is my new favorite! PlutoTV actually offers up a variety of actual TV channels you can watch as well as a series of web channels that offer up TV. The annoying thing is when you try to watch now they push you to download their app, either for your laptop or smart device. Not a bad thing but if you want to strictly stay on the web without downloading anything, it can be a bit of a task to get to their actual viewing area. But click here and that will take you to the watching area.

5) Reddit.com

Okay this is a bit redundant, but Reddit can help you with finding movies online. Where to start is their subreddit forum 'Full Movies On YouTube." This basically saves you the effort of finding decent movies to watch for free. They provide the IMDB rating as well as a summary of what the movie is about too.

Do you know where else to watch movies for free online? Let me know in the comments!

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