Santa Rosa Family Finds Their Missing Cat Following Wildfire

The wildfires happening in California have been so devastating and sad that hearing good news like this just warms the heart so much. So this Santa Rosa family thought they had lost their cat to the fire after having to escape their home one night. According to the local news station KPIX, Dani Stockham had to tell her daughters to get dressed and that they were leaving. 15 year old Lea had to let her cat, Thomas, go simply because he kept scratching at her and trying to get out of her arms.

When the family returned home, they thought they saw the remains of their beloved pet. They even held a funeral for Thomas.

The story didn't end there, though. A family found Thomas a quarter mile from the family home wandering around. Thanks to the microchip in Thomas, they were able to reconnect the cat with his family. Lea told KPIX that it was "the best day I've had since the fire."

Check out the video below -

And read the original story here

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