Reasons I Use Ibotta (And You Should Too)

Ibotta is one of those grocery store apps that you redeem cash back through purchases. I've used it for a couple of years now and while I'm at a somewhat modest balance, it's something I appreciate having. As you get into the holiday season, you are probably looking for ways to save money and Ibotta is one of those ways to save through earning cash back on purchases.

But why use it?

It's easy to accumulate cash back.

When I make it a regular habit to use the app, I can redeem at least once a month. I tend to accumulate $20 a month and that's a great savings to me. It has offers that I won't have to work hard to use either, like Uber rides ($1 cash back per ride) or through grocery stores I go to a lot like Whole Foods or Safeway.

Online shopping means you get rewarded.

Of course, it depends on the deal you are going for and where you are shopping, but if you shop online a lot, you need to use Ibotta. It helps you redeem rewards through places like (great for buying in bulk!), for example or Walmart.

You get cash back on good products.

One of my favorite companies for bath and body wash type of products is Nubian Heritage. In fact, I got the chance to review a lotion of theirs recently. Check it out -

First this is one of my favorite body washes and lotions, this scent in particular. The brand is called Nubian Heritage. It's a gentle and rich scent at the same time. I put on this lotion when I get into work and use this body wash in the morning and it's not as strong as perfume but smells wonderful. And the cool thing is if you buy this in the stores, you can redeem this on Ibotta!

So, I recommend Ibotta. Sign up with my referral link and we both get rewarded! You'll get $10 and I'll get $5. Good deal? I think so. Ibotta is easy to use and you'll be glad you signed up.

I received the above photographed product in exchange for my review. This post also contains a referral link.

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