My Newest, Most Favorite Thing for This Holiday Season

I've lately been dealing with something I find extremely annoying - lower back pain. I think it's a mix of not great furniture combined with not great bus seats and poorly designed office chairs. As a result, I was incredibly pleased to receive the Naipo Shiatsu massager too review. My mom was happy about this too! She loved using it to massage muscles in her leg actually.

The Naipo Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager offers a deep massage that is also heated. The incredible thing is it comes with a car charger, which means you can drive and get a massage on the go. Isn't that incredible?
It is also designed with straps you can wrap around yourself to keep the massager in place. Also, it lasts about 15 minutes per turn which I appreciate because I wouldn't need really long sessions of massaging. 

When using this, the deep massage has a "hurt so good" type of feeling. I love how the more you lean into the massager, the deeper the massage. I have used this on my lower back and it's worked wonders. The heat is gentle and mild, just like someone's warm hands or something. I think it's absolutely perfect for back and neck pain. If you have someone in your life that suffers with that, this is a must buy.

I think the only minor downside is that I had a little bit of a hard time keeping the plug in the wall. If I yanked the cord too much, it unplugged pretty easily. 

The pricing of the massager is very good, $40 on Amazon, so be sure to check it out here. And for 25% off use this coupon code MFWSV2SL. If you are seeking a holiday gift for a family member that has maybe lower back pain, this is a must buy.

Best of all, they have a holiday version of a masssager that I think you need to take a look at and purchase for a loved one! Purchase the holiday version. 

Check out the Naipo website for info on some of their amazing products.

I received the above item in exchange for my honest review.

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