4 Reasons to Start Using Essential Oils

by Jan R. Ubels

It's that time of year folks. Stress gets way off the charts. Maybe it's the anticipation of the holidays and upcoming plans. Maybe it's the pressure of making this year a good one. Or maybe life is just stressful in general. But I've been learning a lot lately about the benefits of using essential oils and their many

1) Rosemary essential oil can help improve memory.

In a recent study on essential oils, it was discovered amongst participants that their memory was improved when exposed to the essential oil scent of rosemary. BBC news actually talked about a study like this.

2) Peppermint can help you digestive system.

I have actually sipped peppermint tea for this very reason but according to a recent study, the aroma of peppermint can help with gastrointestinal system, for example. I also love the taste of peppermint tea as it's mild and can help make my breath smell better.

3) Lavender can do wonders for relieving stress.

According to a Huffington post article, lavender can help you relax and relieve stress. I've had a lavender mist spray before and I loved it. This time of year can be incredibly stressful so give this a try to reduce your stresses.

4) Lemon scent is a mood booster.

There's been a study on lemon oil and it's impacts on mood. Lemon and other citrus scents have been known to be a mood booster. Lemon specifically can almost work like an anti-depressant.

Obviously this just scratches the surface! I love natural ways to boost moods and ease stress and these are the kinds of things I'm going to consider as the stress of this time of year ramps up. Of course, I'm no professional so be sure to talk to one if you have doubts, questions or concerns.

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