10 Best Tweets from #Catsgiving

by Jill Clardy copyright creative commons via Flickr

If you are on Twitter, than you may or may not have noticed the trending "Catsgiving" hashtag. Well, if you don't have Twitter or don't want to bother looking around for the good stuff, here are the best tweets inspired by the hashtag (at least, in my opinion).

1) I'd say this cat is feeling like how all of us will feel by Thursday night.

2) Better keep an eye on those leftovers on #Catsgiving.

3) Ah family.

4) Chairs and overeating can get so complicated.

5) And you know? It's totally cool for you to not like the holidays. Many don't.

6) Don't forget about Canada! Isn't their Thanksgiving already over?

7) Ah, old Hollywood. I feel like it's the 'old movies' time of year. My favorite is "Wizard of Oz."

8) And don't forget to give props to your kitchen helpers!

9)  We all have that one family member.

10) Ah and just remember it's about love at the end of the day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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