My 3 Favorite Beauty Time Savers

It's not like I have this hussle and bussle lifestyle but I really don't like spending too much time on grooming. I like short cuts and so I wanted to put together a list of my few favorite ones that hopefully can save you time while still implementing some important beauty routines.

1) Leave in conditioner.

I've not really been a huge fan of actually using conditioner up until recently. I have really long hair and it's a hassle to wash it as it is. Using conditioner always adds in extra time and I almost always end up cutting it out when I'm in a rush. Recently I had the chance to review this Angelo David conditioner. You can check it out here.

I love this a lot because it doesn't leave my hair really oily. Plus this conditioner isn't too heavy either. so if your hair is kind of prone to oil, I would recommend this. It gives my hair a shiny look without overdoing it!

2) Make Up Wipe Removers.

Oh this is such an incredible time saver. For me, I prefer the "Simple" brand of make up removers. One tip? I leave them in the fridge! I love that cool feeling on my skin at night and I'm so much more likely to remove my makeup with this easy tip.

3) Go for the easy makeup routine.

One of the ways I actually manage to leave with makeup on is streamlining my routine. I use a blush that also moonlights as my lipstick. And then after my moisturizer and foundation, I just swipe on mascara and a bit of color to my eyes such as white underneath the eyebrow just to brighten things up a bit. I'm not a makeup expert by any means of course but the finishing look is good to me and I like how I feel going out the door. Plus what helps tremendously is that everything is accessible and easy to find!

I received the above photographed conditioner in exchange for my review.

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