5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Women Under $35

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Okay so it is a TAD early to talk about this, but it's October at least, right? But if you are in need of a few ideas for gifts, I think you should sit down and take a read of this blog post. I have a few ideas for you that won't break the bank. Most of these items I've reviewed before but I think they're worthy of being on the list and considered for gift giving season.

1) Nyakio Lip Balm

I had the chance to try this out recently and I have to say I really like this lip balm. My lips tend to be on the sensitive side and I always appreciate when I find a lip balm that I can put on my skin without any irritation or dryness. And this does exactly that! They also have lip scrub which is a way to gently exfoliate your lips and get rid of any unnecessary skin. Also an amazing thing. Considering the dry weather, I think anyone appreciates the extra help with lip skin care.

Purchase the Nyakio Kenyan Coffee Lip Polish (Exfoliate) for $22.  And here is that amazing Lip Balm for $22

2) 98 Degrees Christmas Album

Okay, so I posted about this a few weeks ago and I think this needs to be added to gift list, especially if you know this person to be a 98 Degrees fan. Their Let it Snow CD is up for only $13.98, which makes it a relatively decent price for a small gift that you are cramming into a sock. Visit their website for purchasing details

Check out my original post all about it here or visit the 98 Degrees website for more details.

3) Cocomels Candy

Cocomels! Okay, so I had the chance to try these last year but I also had the chance to try out their chocolate drops. These are amazing. They're flavorful and dairy and gluten free.

If you are seeking a treat for someone with an allergy of some kind, you may want to consider these. I like these candies a lot and happened to give these to a coworker who was going dairy free for the sake of their newborn and she was so excited about these! So treat yourself or someone else this holiday season and stuff these in that stocking.

Check out my full review here and check out their website to purchase.

4) Fran's Chocolates.

Okay, chocolate by Fran's is particularly amazing and rich tasting. I've had the chance to try their chocolates quite a few times and I've been pleased and impressed both times. Check out my review of their chocolates last winter. Delectable chocolates is never a wrong gift to give either for a chocolate lover.

Check out my full review here and check out their website to purchase.

5) Flat Out of Heels Flats

Okay I had the chance to try this out a couple of weeks ago and these flats are surprisingly durable. Especially since I've used them a few times to walk to my bus stop in the morning and in the afternoon coming from work. I think these are probably best suited for walking around in the mall or if you are at work and you need a break from the shoes that pinch your feet. Overall, an excellent gift I think.

Check out my full review or check out their website to shop now. 

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